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Strada Alexandru Ciurea 6, Cluj

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Restaurant tradițional românesc

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L Lucia
8 noiembrie 2018 23:34 Rezervat în data de 8 noiembrie 2018 prin

Foarte buna saramura de peste! Recomand cu încredere alături de mămăliga și mujdei de usturoi

N Natasa
2 noiembrie 2018 22:22 Rezervat în data de 2 noiembrie 2018 prin

Extraordinary! Very tasty, full recommendation. They also have vegan options so I was able to try some traditional romanian dishes.

Nacho Chitiu
19 noiembrie 2018 21:08

Serious local cuisine. Heavy duty delicious cooking + professional politeness of staff + good management + tasteful arrangement = what else could a gourmet wish? Reasonable prices? They got them.
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Cathal Conroy
16 octombrie 2018 21:23

We visited Roata on the recommendation of a friend.

We didn't have a reservation, so we ate outside in the enclosed garden (which we wanted to do anyway). The place had a really nice atmosphere and our waitress spoke good English.

There were complimentary shots, and the food tasted great (I highly recommend the chicken schnitzel).

Reasonably priced too!
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Loras Munteanu
26 noiembrie 2018 22:06

A warm, pleasant place with a very attentive and nice staff. The food comes in large and very good portions, all at fair prices. I recommend it with all my heart!
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Dominika Przybylska
23 octombrie 2018 10:12

Extraordinary, exceptional, delicious, amazing, climatic and all the other positive adjectives you can find on the dictionary. The food was delicious, real taste of Romania, on one hand you were surprised by the taste, on the other it was like the best homemade food. The staff was awesome and amazingly friendly and the place itself has all the simplicity and character of Romania. If you are in Cluj you have to visit this place!
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Kambi Kambi
14 august 2018 17:41

Good traditional restaurant!
Recommend for a dinner or lunch, if it’s on conventional time, you may need reservation.
The food was perfect.
I have cabbage with meat and rise. Very well prepared and big portions.
Complimentary drinks in the beginning cannot erase bad impression from the service!
Anyway, recommend the place if it’s not a busy time or with reservations.
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