Strada Alexandru Ciurea 6, Cluj

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Kambi Kambi
14 august 2018 17:41

Good traditional restaurant!
Recommend for a dinner or lunch, if it’s on conventional time, you may need reservation.
The food was perfect.
I have cabbage with meat and rise. Very well prepared and big portions.
Complimentary drinks in the beginning cannot erase bad impression from the service!
Anyway, recommend the place if it’s not a busy time or with reservations.
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Ana Cozma
10 august 2018 14:49

One star for the food which is decent. The services here were really disappointing: the waitress was rude, she took our order and then when it came I was missing a sauce and the person I was with was brought a different meal than ordered. When confronted the waitress claimed it was what we ordered. Which is funny because the correct items were on the bill. And is sort of baffling... am I supposed to record my orders from now on? Maybe other were luckier. We will not return.
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Ibrahim Aygün
4 septembrie 2018 17:34

Excellent place, super friendly staff. Garden is beautiful, hidden gem with wooden chairs and tables. We got to try shot of local spirits from the house. Food is delicious.
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Bogdan g
6 august 2018 15:35

Good food, very slow service. When served, the soup was warm... not hot. It took 1 and a half hours to get the food. Otherwise, the waiters tried but could not deliver on time.
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Loránt Vincze
31 august 2018 20:04

This typical Romanian restaurant was an unexpected surprise on the recommendation of a friend. It worth the visit for delicious homemade meals. Be back!
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