Strada Alexandru Ciurea 6, Cluj

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30 mai 2018 14:36

I had dinner in this restaurant recently and was very impressed. The food was delicious, the host was super friendly and I really enjoyed eating in this restaurant. I was also offered a lovely cherry liquor shot at the begining and end, which was delicious. I also recommend to eat their delicious papanash with homemade blueberry compote. Absolutely delicious.
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Alex H
5 iunie 2018 20:12

Good food, warm staff. Nice place to eat good authentic romanian food. I will definitely recommend this place if you travel to Cluj and wish to eat good local food.
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Agathe S.
20 martie 2018 11:41

A typical Romanian restaurant worth to try! Lost in a small street, quite small authentic 100%: the decoration, the food...but also the free tuica shot (different if you a boy or a girl) before you start your meal. You almost get lost in time. And its not expensive at all.
A whole different experience from all the new fancy fake places offering menus with hundreds of possibilities but stored in the freezer!
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Martin Marecki
21 mai 2018 23:37

Very tasty Romanian cuisine. Big plates for good price
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Maria-Viorica Gheorghe
20 februarie 2018 13:36

The restaurant is a shame for the traditional Romanian food. The menu is poor, the location is dirty. The bathroom has no soap, the mirror is broken. Very very low. The staff is not polite. We wanted to park the car correctly without disturbing and although the restaurant manager had a the car parked on 2 places, he did not want to move it, he pretended it was not his. he looks at us as extremely arrogant and poorly grown. Shame on y!!!!!
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