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Maria-Viorica Gheorghe
20 februarie 2018 13:36

The restaurant is a shame for the traditional Romanian food. The menu is poor, the location is dirty. The bathroom has no soap, the mirror is broken. Very very low. The staff is not polite. We wanted to park the car correctly without disturbing and although the restaurant manager had a the car parked on 2 places, he did not want to move it, he pretended it was not his. he looks at us as extremely arrogant and poorly grown. Shame on y!!!!!
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Florea Cristian
7 martie 2018 17:31

Very attentive service. Usually good food but last time I ordered porcini mushrooms stew and were too salty and bland. They replaced it to me free of charge with other food item.
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Heather Cunningham
5 martie 2018 19:30

Wonderful atmosphere and amazing food! Staff was really great and explained what the food was and made recommendations :)
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Daniel Rosner
11 martie 2018 16:18

Food ok. Bad service. Order with custom request, acknowledged, delivered something else. Twice.
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Zsolt Vitályos
21 februarie 2018 22:28

Very delicious food. Rustic place. The heavy wooden chairs are uncomfortable.
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