Strada Alexandru Ciurea 6, Cluj

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Deanne Jones
18 octombrie 2017 23:36

We came here as it was listed as a place to know in the guide book. It wasn't too busy. Food was spectacular. Be careful not to order too much. Between two we had the transylvanian platter and stuffed cabbage rolls with potatoes all was delicious but we struggled to finish it. Highly recommended.
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Anton Popescu
2 noiembrie 2017 13:59

Good food (mostly meaty), large portions, good choice, mostly for local dishes but some "international" ones, too. Ethno atmosphere, not ostentatious. Rather crowded, especially for dinner. Advisable to book in advance. Service, good, not consistent, though. It can get slow at times and seems to favor foreign patrons. Foreign languages spoken. One gets a complementary shot of plum brandy for men or cherry liqueur for women. Excellent location, with a beer garden in the back, quiet, despite the bustle of Cluj downtown traffic. Pricey for locals, not so much for foreigners used with home prices. Good quality for your money.
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Christina Pruteanu
9 septembrie 2017 18:25

Nice place. Have a complimentary shot of the traditional whiskey. Food was authentic and great. reasonable priced
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Adrian Dumitriu
29 septembrie 2017 21:53

One of the best traditional restaurants in Cluj in terms of food quality. I've been here many times and the service got worse over time. The are usually very busy but that is no excuse for all the mistakes they make and the staff could be friendlier too. We used to be served a complimentary shot of Tuica before our meal but the last two times I went they only offered that to the tables occupied by foreign tourist.. Not smart!
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Aloïse Goupil-Tiers
22 iulie 2017 18:52

Very good local place to try fresh Romanian dishes. In 2 days, we came back twice. They always serve liquor as appetizer, and the cherry one when you are in a women group... Simone de Beauvoir had probably turn in her grave... but still, I recommend it !
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