Samsara Foodhouse

Strada Ștefan Ludwig Roth 5, Cluj

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Fie că eşti vegetarian, vegan ori ai o alimentaţie pe bază de crudităţi – raw-food, fie că eşti carnivor, dar cauţi feluri de mâncare fără carne pe care să le savurezi din când în când, uşile restaurantului Samsara Foodhouse îţi sunt la fel de deschise ca mintea şi braţele noastre.

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Stefania Popa Cozma
30 ianuarie 2018 22:43

The food is vegetarian and raw. Delicious food and deserts, very interesting shakes, cocktails and smoothies. The service was flawless. The prices are a bit high, but everything we ordered was very very good. I highly recommend it.
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2 decembrie 2017 18:04

Awesome vegetarian\vegan restaurant. We started with a soup and then we had the pasta pesto broccoli and past cashew cream. They were super delicious. The place has a nice atmosphere and it suits all family, couples and friends.
The menu of drinks is very creative and has a lot to offer from cold to hot drinks. Alcoholic and non alcoholic.
The staff is also friendly.

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Ali M. Gav
23 ianuarie 2018 13:18

Delicious vegetarian food (great even for non-vegetarians). Clean flavors with subtle and well-complimented spices and herbs. Food and nutrients were well balanced (ie, I did not leave hungry, and I felt satiated with just the right balance of protein, carbs and fat in my meal). The atmosphere is casual, cozy and very welcoming (my favorite vibes). I had the lentils (really yummy) and wild berry cake (this was a raw dessert and tasted absolutely heavenly...I could’ve had the whole pie). I oscillated between 4 and 5 Stars mostly bc of price (quite high for Romania), but given the quality and complex flavors, and how hard it is to run such a creative place in Romania (and the guts it took to endeavor the project in the first place), I’m going to be generous and give them the 5 stars they deserve.
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Burus Andreea
1 decembrie 2017 09:05

Kind and attentive staff, fresh ingredients and an overall great experience. I would recommend this place also to non-vegetarian s, as it offers a wide range of choice.
Potatoes 4fromaggi or the pasta with vegetables are exquisite!
Must try!
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Iulian Stoicescu
7 februarie 2018 17:59

Raw vegan restaurant and teahouse with good service and nice music. Over all, worth a visit for a bite.
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