Samsara Foodhouse [se va deschide curând]

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Strada Ștefan Ludwig Roth 5, Cluj

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Fie că eşti vegetarian, vegan ori ai o alimentaţie pe bază de crudităţi – raw-food, fie că eşti carnivor, dar cauţi feluri de mâncare fără carne pe care să le savurezi din când în când, uşile restaurantului Samsara Foodhouse îţi sunt la fel de deschise ca mintea şi braţele noastre.

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Sebastian Danciu
22 august 2018 13:04

👌The best vegetarian/vegan restaurant in town.
🌟I would strongly recommend it even if you are not vegetarian.
🥗The food is really tasty and the service is some of the best you would expect from a casual restaurant.
🍵 The drinks menu is divers and interesting, not your average beer and soft drinks.
🌿 It is decorated with beautiful plants. I read somewhere that they have awards for plant maintenance.
🚽 Clean and cozy bathrooms. You would feel like home there.
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Mikayla Zagoria-Moffet
12 iulie 2018 00:17

AMAZING food, with vegetarian, vegan, and raw options all easily marked out for a great dining experience! A surprisingly wide menu (usually vegan/vegetarian places have like a page... So this wide ranging menu was a delight!) I had the goat cheese and beetroot risotto, which was so good. The Apple Pie smoothie is also delish (with oat milk, apple, dates, cinnamon, etc). Highly recommended!!
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Amina Panduru
13 septembrie 2018 15:41

Amazing variety and taste! Plus everything has lots of infos and calories. I loved so much all the natural homemade juices option, I am a health freak but did not know so many of the power ingredients, was really nice to learn more
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João Magalhães
22 august 2018 02:24

Samsara was a really pleasant surprise in Cluj. It has SO MANY choices that it'll take you two or three visits from the waitress asking for your order and you requesting more time. Seriously, the food is very good. The portions are super big but the place is not very expensive as well.
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Dora Muntean-Balog
31 august 2018 07:34

Great food choice, delicious meals and beautiul decor. Although a bit pricey, I love Samsara and the food there. Lemonade 16 lei, soup 16 lei.
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