Restaurant Toledo

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Strada Aurel Suciu 59, Cluj

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Toledo Cluj-Napoca s-a născut dintr-o pasiune pentru bucătăria internaţională, pentru ingredientele, aromele şi mirodeniile mediteraneene, pentru o pizza crocantă sau o tortilla spaniolă.

Toledo este pentru toată lumea, pentru că, aici găsiţi un restaurant cu o servire ca la carte, o cafenea cochetă şi relaxantă şi o terasă unde puteţi petrece cele mai frumoase seri de vară

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A Andras
7 octombrie 2018 22:02 Rezervat în data de 7 octombrie 2018 prin

servirea a fost foarte ok. chelnarita foarte amabila. mancarea a venit repede (10 min la 6 persoane). surprinzator de gustos. cheesecake ul, parerea mea, a fost cel mai bun din oras.

Pan Ioan
3 septembrie 2018 12:30

The food is of good quality, but nothing special, neither in the cooking nor the ingredients. The range of beverages to chose from is quite usual and with affordable prices. The serving is nice but not so well trained as not pay attention to some details you are asking. No parking area, just some usual if free, spots near pavement to park as the rest of clients.
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Ioana Btn
21 august 2018 11:14

Food is good, not exceptional, but affordable. The atmosphere doesn't seem at all like a Spanish place (there are just few paintings that reminds you of that). Music isn't appropriate also and in the summer it's way too hot on their cover terrace, a ventilator would be ideal.
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Emma V
13 septembrie 2018 20:51

Dining on a week night, the place was very crowded, so it took long to get the waiter's attention. We were told from the beginning the food would take long and more sadly there were quite a few specialities unavailable, like bocadillo. The food that we ordered eventually was good, mainly the paella valenciana, despite it taking long to be served and we got the appetizer and one of the main courses at almost the same time.
The two waiters were visibly trying to keep up with the demand, but were overwhelmed by the number of customers.
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Campian Vlad
16 mai 2018 21:05

Good food, good drinks, affordable prices.

The terrace is great, surrounded by flowers and a wooden fence, with a wooden roof(so rain is not a problem). The only downside would be time spent waiting for the waiters. As it is almost always full, and the fact that they are a little understaffed, will result in the aforementioned waiting time.
All in all, nice restaurant/bar experience, esecially in the summer
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Ana M
25 septembrie 2018 17:48

Great place to either have a drink or enjoy a savoury meal :)
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