Restaurant Livada

Strada Clinicilor 14, Cluj

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Good Food with Fine Wines and Great Live Music!

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Zlatko Đurić
17 ianuarie 2018 21:09

Amazing! If you're in Cluj, do not miss this place. It's nice, warm and cozy, staff friendly and confident, and the food is amazing. I've had to just stop, lean back and just enjoy the tastes several times throughout the dinner. Maybe I've got the right dish, but I'll come again to make sure :)
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Dan Koblicska
21 ianuarie 2018 17:29

One of the acclaimed diners from Cluj still has a gap against expectations. Tasteful atmosphere, parking and garden on the plus side. Food and service good but not exceptional.
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Roland Vig
22 decembrie 2017 14:41

Me and my girlfriend just ordered a smokie pulled burger menu and I hate to say this but we had the worst French fries ever. It was literally inedible, tasted like paper and could not be chewed(if the cook had tasted it, I'm pretty sure that he wouldn't have let it to be served). The reason I gave two stars is because the burger was not so bad but didn't worth that much.
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Florentina Lung
24 noiembrie 2017 21:57

Always a nice place to dine. I ordered salmon and it was delicious. There was a band singing jazz. Book your table on weekends, because it's full.
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Andreea Apostu
4 februarie 2018 17:54

Loved everything about it, food, decor, music, service, vibe!
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