Restaurant Livada

Strada Clinicilor 14, Cluj

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Good Food with Fine Wines and Great Live Music!

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27 august 2017 21:36

Food is good, very nice puddings. It would be even better if the staff won't constantly smoking nearby. The wait on food was reasonable but on our way out we noticed lots of food waiting on the pass while 6 members of staff were chilling.
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Kamille Parker
28 august 2017 00:50

Nice place with good waiters. However I would have skipped this if I had not been dropped off by a taxi here. It was a recommendation... It is "American" food. Why would I travel all the way to Romania to eat something I could get 20mins from my home? But if you aren't from America then I'd recommend it as it tasted good and would provide a nice experience.
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Ioana Bacila
15 iulie 2017 17:53

The place is peaceful, has fruit trees and outdoor playground for kids. A little improovement suggest in the food taste and delivery: it was a but too salty and I could not finish the dish and they had a bit of latency in delivering the desert. The rest, absolutely perfect. A nice experience that we will repeat.
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Adrienne Turnbull
17 august 2017 21:05

If you are dark skin make sure you make a reservation. They wouldn't seat us saying it was full even though we can clearly see many empty tables. We had some fair skin friends that came in after us and we told them we couldn't be seated, they went ahead and asked for seats and they were seated right away. Tried it again another day by ourselves to make sure we weren't tripping and the same thing happened again. We will take our American dollars elsewhere.
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Azzurytt Romania
11 septembrie 2017 18:52

This is probably the best restaurant in Cluj. They have a beautiful garden with trees and a small parking but you can also park your car nearby, on the street. The staff is friendly. The food is surprisingly delicious and exquisitely presented even if at affordable prices. Bookings are recommended.
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