Restaurant Livada

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Strada Clinicilor 14, Cluj

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Good Food with Fine Wines and Great Live Music!

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A Andrei
22 noiembrie 2018 09:38 Rezervat în data de 21 noiembrie 2018 prin

I'm impressed every time I go to this restaurant. The food is really delicious (especially the pork ribs and the burgers - yummmmy!). It's the perfect place to go for a date or have dinner with friends/family.

Dragoş Man
5 ianuarie 2019 19:36

Good food, loved the desserts. Nice atmosphere and great staff. Not quite a five star rating, because the duck was a bit chewy and the prices are a bit high. Decent portions though. Will definitely go back there to try other dishes.
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Radu Cantor
6 ianuarie 2019 22:26

We had the opportunity to have lunch at this place together with our friends from Cluj.
The terrace was nice and we enjoyed the outside weather.

The food was good. I liked the appetizer and the soup. The veggie burger wasn't that great. I didn't like the burger bun because it felt low quality, but the veggie filling was good.
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Andrei Mache
11 ianuarie 2019 21:15

Excelent location for Dinner. Live music, cozy place, delicious food. The staff was very kind and helpful. If you want to go take in consideration to make a reservation to avoid waiting time.
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Solomon Bianca
9 ianuarie 2019 12:57

Omg, one of the most pleasant looking gardens I have ever seen. Great place in late spring and summer, MUST GO in the evening, when lights are opened(booking a table is important!). A beautiful place, good food, nice staff, I will come back for sure.
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Csaba Barabás
9 ianuarie 2019 23:51

A spacious but the same the time cozy restaurant. They also prepare really good food, from the appetizers to the desserts. Service and music were great also.
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