Restaurant Livada

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Strada Clinicilor 14, Cluj

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Good Food with Fine Wines and Great Live Music!

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R Raluca
25 februarie 2019 21:51 Rezervat în data de 25 ianuarie 2019 prin


Pot spune pentru prima data ca am fost 100% multumita de serviciile oferite de catre personalul restaurantului Livada.
O atmosfera calda, datorita in primul rand muzicii live si a servirii, de data aceasta, ireprosabila. Mancarea a fost pe gustul nostru, iar personalul foarte amabil.


A Andrei
22 noiembrie 2018 09:38 Rezervat în data de 21 noiembrie 2018 prin

I'm impressed every time I go to this restaurant. The food is really delicious (especially the pork ribs and the burgers - yummmmy!). It's the perfect place to go for a date or have dinner with friends/family.

Andrei Gherban
5 mai 2019 17:13

Service was good. Food took an acceptable amount of time to be prepared, was extremely good (we've had pasta, tagliatelle with beef and wild mushrooms and papardelle with wild mushrooms and truffles - we recommend both). Atmosphere is great, interior design pleasing to the eye. Totally worth a visit! ;) Too bad the garden was closed when we ate here; it was the main reason we came actually. Better luck next time.
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Tudor Moldovan
3 mai 2019 20:26

The atmosphere is truly astounding but there is too much oil in everything. The burger and the duck are very good, the desserts as well. Seems like a classy place. Will revisit it!
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James Tidmarsh
4 mai 2019 20:14

Excellent food. Friendly service. All round great experience. My favorite spot when passing through Cluj.
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Raluca Mihalache
3 aprilie 2019 01:20

Nice place. Cozy. Eggplant salad delicious. Papanaşi delicious. A bit overpriced, but I guess you pay for the location also
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Voicu Mihuţ STĂNESE
6 mai 2019 08:15

Great location, good variety of food. Tried the veggie burger and shrimp pasta and they were a delight to the taste buds.
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