Restaurant Livada

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Strada Clinicilor 14, Cluj

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Good Food with Fine Wines and Great Live Music!

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Alex Cornea
29 iulie 2018 20:02

Until the spring of 2018, the quality of service and the food were close to excellent. It used to be a pleasure to come here. But today was a total disappointment, we were moved from our table outside due to bad weather, but nobody guided us to our table inside. After 10 minutes of wandering around the restaurant, we asked someone about a table for 6 people and they almost kicked us out not knowing we had a reservation. Then, after finally being seated and another 40 mins of waiting someone took our order. Some of us ordered what they usually had, but this time the recipe was totally different in a bad way even if the menu was identical. This time, I wanted to try something new, being a caramelized chicken breast with Dijon and soy sauce, with grilled vegetables aside. What I got was a plain grilled and slightly burned chicken breast with salt, period. No sauce of any kind. There might have been a change in the staff lately, a terrible one if you ask me..
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e.e. iuga
25 august 2018 20:21

Mmm.. no! The service is very, very poor :(.

Surreally long wait for everything: getting the menu, ordering a drink, actually getting the drink, food takes ages to prepare (it wasn't even anything complicated and the terrace was half full only). It all takes even longer when they forgot part of our order, so it's safe to say the service is pitiful, it cripples very much of the overall experience.

The mood of the place is nice, with green trees and chilled vibes and the food we tried was quite good (veggie burgers). A nice idea of a place, ruined by the lousy service. You can enjoy it if you bring your own food, or you come not hungry in the first place - by the time you get served you'll be hungry.

Would not return or recommend.
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aniko kato
11 septembrie 2018 22:44

Table service needs to improve. We got a nice pork meat without sides. This meal appears 2 ways in the menu with or without sides. We ordered with sides included, but the waiter thought that we want without. Waiter did not even ask if we would like any sides near it. Who wants to eat a slice of meat without anything?
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Simut Horia
14 septembrie 2018 20:23

Gf had a cheeseburger. The bun was really really cheap (like bough at the corner store). Too much salad in between the buns. My lunch was a piece of pork loin. Sponge! Never again!! ...and this was our cheat day off healthy food...nope. Never again there!!!
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Iulia Duca
7 septembrie 2018 00:25

Very slow waiters. Or very busy...either way, we had a very slow evening here. And they changed the cook or the menu and recipes. All their food used to be really good. Now it's below average and just overpriced.
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