Restaurant Livada

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Strada Clinicilor 14, Cluj

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Good Food with Fine Wines and Great Live Music!

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R Raluca
25 februarie 2019 21:51 Rezervat în data de 25 ianuarie 2019 prin


Pot spune pentru prima data ca am fost 100% multumita de serviciile oferite de catre personalul restaurantului Livada.
O atmosfera calda, datorita in primul rand muzicii live si a servirii, de data aceasta, ireprosabila. Mancarea a fost pe gustul nostru, iar personalul foarte amabil.


A Andrei
22 noiembrie 2018 09:38 Rezervat în data de 21 noiembrie 2018 prin

I'm impressed every time I go to this restaurant. The food is really delicious (especially the pork ribs and the burgers - yummmmy!). It's the perfect place to go for a date or have dinner with friends/family.

Tibor B-N
13 martie 2019 22:50

The food is great and the staff is friendly. There's a huge garden in the back and there are parking places close. Great place to eat out
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Luisa Vanesa
12 martie 2019 15:24

Coziest place in town with amazing food. I would like them to have more vegetarian options though. Overall, a great place to relax
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Dragoş Man
5 ianuarie 2019 19:36

Good food, loved the desserts. Nice atmosphere and great staff. Not quite a five star rating, because the duck was a bit chewy and the prices are a bit high. Decent portions though. Will definitely go back there to try other dishes.
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Andrei Mache
11 ianuarie 2019 21:15

Excelent location for Dinner. Live music, cozy place, delicious food. The staff was very kind and helpful. If you want to go take in consideration to make a reservation to avoid waiting time.
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Razvan Burciu
13 martie 2019 18:49

Nice venue, but service and food is quite average, considering the other restaurant options in the area. Menu doesn't completely reflect all ingredients in certain items (ex. the Carbonara pasta is made with cream, but the menu doesn't say that and you have to ask).
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