Meat Up

4,9 / 7 voturi
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Strada Gheorghe Sincai 14, Cluj

Meat Up

4,9 / 7 voturi
Preț Moderat
Strada Gheorghe Sincai 14, Cluj
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Am deschis Restaurantul Meat Up in 2018 cu gândul de a oferi oamenilor din Cluj rețete autentice de burgeri americani așa cum am învățat în străinătate.

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4,9 / 7 voturi
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D Daniela
28 februarie 2020 20:32 Rezervat în data de 28 februarie 2020

F Florin
22 ianuarie 2020 10:08 Rezervat în data de 21 ianuarie 2020

T Tudor
9 mai 2019 10:09 Rezervat în data de 8 mai 2019

R Roxana
25 aprilie 2019 08:29 Rezervat în data de 24 aprilie 2019

Burgar-ii buni, oameni serviabil, muzica cam ca în club.. asta nu e chiar preferabil pt un.. restaurant.

C Carmen
9 aprilie 2019 18:27 Rezervat în data de 9 aprilie 2019

C Catalina
27 decembrie 2018 20:04 Rezervat în data de 21 decembrie 2018

D Dana
26 noiembrie 2018 07:49 Rezervat în data de 23 noiembrie 2018

23 februarie 2023 16:47

Mcdonalds quality at a premium price.

The burgers were good some time ago. Not anymore. Now they are not cooked properly and have gotten way smaller.

I have specifically asked to have it medium rare. And clarified that it should be pink inside. I have gotten it well done. See attached photo above.

Also uploaded the menu photo to better see what you get vs what it's advertised.
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2 iulie 2023 19:49

Far from what a burger means, the meat is very thin, I didn't even feel the taste... The potatoes were good, but the parmesan was something else, I took it off the potatoes to taste it separately and it didn't even taste like cheese (probably the dude in the kitchen has never seen parmesan cheese before and he also scraped the peel 😂🤣 ). And the last thing, the milkshake was warm, I knew that it's usually with ice cream, or at least it's cold. I don't recommend, maybe it was something cool once. but now it's clearly not worth 170 lei for 2 people 😶
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10 august 2023 15:47

Tasty but portions are not big enough if you are very hungry. You can buy local beer.
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11 iulie 2023 15:27

Great burgers and even better fries! Staff is also friendly. I've ordered from them on multiple occasions, and never got disappointed.
One slightly annoying thing is, that the burgers are a bit wet sometimes, but that depends on the sauce, so can't really point it out as negative.
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6 aprilie 2023 20:57

Great burgers, big verity.
Service is nice and helpful
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