Pizzeria Toskana

Strada Izlazului 15, Cluj
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Ne bucuram ca ati venit la Toskana, locul unde intotdeauna te intampina un zambet prietenos, o atmosfera relaxanta, un meniu fara granite geografice, cu portii generoase, atent selectionate.

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Păreri despre "Pizzeria Toskana"

Sami Boicu
13 aprilie 2018 00:40

Since I worked at the place I can say that is a nice place. You have affordable prices and lot of variable things to choose. It's a 3 star restaurant so yeah, try it and see for yourself 😁
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14 iunie 2018 09:24

Good food and good for a lazy Sunday morning
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Johnny Ilca
5 iulie 2018 11:48

Went here for lunch, had ciorbe de fasole. Good meal, good price.
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János Erőss
1 iunie 2018 22:28

Too much time to wait for a single pizza. Understood today is busy day, but 1:40 wait time is still too much for it.
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Veres Cristian
17 februarie 2018 20:38

good food, very big sized, nice staff, crowded most of the time but still good enough waiting time for your order. I recomend it if realy hungry ;)
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