Pizzeria Toskana

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Strada Izlazului 15, Cluj
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Ne bucuram ca ati venit la Toskana, locul unde intotdeauna te intampina un zambet prietenos, o atmosfera relaxanta, un meniu fara granite geografice, cu portii generoase, atent selectionate.

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Păreri despre "Pizzeria Toskana"

Alexandru Cristian Ignat
2 iunie 2019 00:23

An unforgettable experience, excellent lava cake if you don't mind the fact that I needed to prompt the waitress twice for it. It arrived two hours too late, it was around half the advertised weight at 100g instead of 200g. Rude waitress and of course delightful pizza with the best supermarket ingredients frozen in bulk and microwaved for your pleasure. The patrons at the table near us were smoking even though smoking is illegal indoors. All in all excellent would never eat here again.
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Alex Petrisor
18 iunie 2019 09:31

The food here is amazing and very delicious with interesting flavor. An issue is that there is no air conditioning, which is necessary during the hot summer hours. Additionally, smoking is permitted inside the restaurant. But overall a very clean restaurant/bar and there are multiple TV's to get the best view of the sport displayed.
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nick v
20 iulie 2019 13:19

Nice place,can smoke inside,good prices ,good food
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Mihai Sima
10 mai 2019 23:35

Fun place with good food and pleasant environment. The food is generally served quickly and the waiters are in general agreeable.
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Lucian Veliman
26 iulie 2019 07:35

Good pizza, very crowded in weekend.
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