Pizzeria Toskana

Strada Izlazului 15, Cluj
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Ne bucuram ca ati venit la Toskana, locul unde intotdeauna te intampina un zambet prietenos, o atmosfera relaxanta, un meniu fara granite geografice, cu portii generoase, atent selectionate.

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Păreri despre "Pizzeria Toskana"

Dorin C Frunzete
16 septembrie 2017 10:29

Best pizza in town if you choose to eat it in the restaurant and not delivered home. The prices are good anyway. It is always crowded and they don't have the best service, but if you want to eat a good pizza, this is the place.
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18 octombrie 2017 21:24

It's really hard for servers to see you with all those tables,and sometimes you wait 5-7min before they come to you, the food it's pretty decent though.
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Jurj Alexandru
14 iunie 2017 10:26

The waiting time sometimes is very long. The pizza and the coffee options are excelent. You must try "eggs with bacon" in the morning after a night out!
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MIHAI - C. Foiasi
25 februarie 2017 22:12

Food is good, typical menu, dishes and beverages. Bathroom is a disaster - lacks cleaning everything is or looks broken. Service is good.
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Samuel Aierizer
14 ianuarie 2017 09:40

The food was good. The place has a nice feel to it. The serving though was of bad quality.
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