4,8 / 27 voturi
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Strada Plopilor 62, Cluj


4,8 / 27 voturi
Preț Moderat
Strada Plopilor 62, Cluj
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Intreaga cultura japoneza este impresionanta, de la diversitatea si deliciul preparatelor culinare, pana la modul de organizare si respectul fata de angajament si fata de ceilalti. Am sters distantele de zeci de mii de kilometri si am adus Japonia in Cluj-Napoca. Doua spatii minunate ale restaurantului NOBORI reconfigureaza atmosfera nipona, sub diverse forme, iar atunci cand nu puteti ajunge la noi, ne facem simtita prezenta prin catering sau delivery. NOBORI Plopilor are un spatiu generos, atat indoor – un ambient elegant, cat si outdoor – o terasa cu trecere simbolica peste podul japonez. Este ideal pentru organizarea diverselor evenimente, avand in vedere capacitatea de 70 (indoor) + 80 (terasa) de persoane care se pot bucura de serviciile NOBORI. NOBORI Napoca este un loc special in tumultul creat de centrul orasului. Desi aproape de Piata Unirii, restaurantul ofera senzatia de liniste, o ambianta infima, placuta. Este construit pe doua nivele, avand o capacitate de 30 de persoane. Putem gazdui cu drag o multime de evenimente. NOBORI Plopilor este locul ideal pentru: mese festive mese de business reuniuni aniversari conferinte prezentari alte evenimente private NOBORI Napoca este locul special in care puteti imbina servirea mesei cu necesitatea de a va afla in centrul orasului. Pe lângă versiunea a la carte, venim mereu cu multe oferte speciale. Non smoking restaurants.

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4,8 / 27 voturi
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13 ianuarie 2024 09:51

Great atmosphere, very attentive serviece. The sushi plates were looking very nice, but weren t as tasty as you would think. The fish wasn t so fresh from my opinion.
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28 septembrie 2023 16:24

The place has a very nice atmosphere, the service was great and the staff very polite, but I was disappointed about the quality of the food a bit.

Had the tuna steak but it had a really fishy taste/smell, they could have informed me that it's not very fresh and I would have gotten something else without any problem. Other menu items were excellent and very delicious.

The lower rating is mostly due to the quality of the dish that I got, as when going to any restaurant my expectations usually are that the food in the restaurant should be better than what one amateur chef such as myself could make at home.
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29 septembrie 2023 18:36

I went here with a family member on a Thursday evening. It wasn't very full but there were still a few people and it was nice and quite. I ordered some ramen that was ok, maybe a bit overboard with the salt and my family member ordered the duck breast that was cold when it arrived the table.
The service wasn't anything out of the ordinary, the waitresses didn't really bother asking if everything was to our liking.
Price wise for the market in cluj is medium high for what you get.
What I liked most from the whole experience were the drinks, they used a japanese vodka I really liked the cherry taste and the finishing touches of a little dehydrated lemon and a tiny rose bud on top making it look like a floating lotus leaf.
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19 ianuarie 2024 01:52

Overall very good experience, the ramen could’ve been a little more tastier. The sushi was great.
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9 septembrie 2023 17:41

It's a good place to have japanese food in Cluj-Napoca but not the best: the food had a flavour that was not so potent as it should be (the sushi was a bit bland, fish was not very fresh, but was not bad, it was cooked properly but you could taste the difference from a freshly cut fish, which can be served at another japanese restaurant in the city), the stuffing was in some types of maki and rolls flavourful, in others a bit mild for our palate. But the ramen was nicely done, the tea is good and the drinks are alright.

The pricing of the menu we had though was a bit steep for what we got, as the quality vs. quantity report was a bit off, with the quality being not on par with what i could get for the same money elsewhere in Cluj-Napoca.

All-in-all, it's a good place, but not the best, there are other places which beat the value of the ingredients used here, at much lower, and advantageous prices.

8/10 i'd recommend, but cherrypick your dish and garnish/es.
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