La Seș

Strada Șesului 33A, Cluj

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La Seș este un restaurant localizat la adresa Strada Șesului numărul 33A. Deschis zilnic între orele 10:00 - 01:00.

La La Seș te poți bucura de unele din cele mai bune preparate cu specific american sau italian sau vegetarian.

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Sergiu Crisan
31 ianuarie 2018 08:56

Good enough pizza with wide variety. Small and quiet place. Very good in deliveries.
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Lucian Avornicesei
21 noiembrie 2017 19:54

Best quality for price! Awesome pizza! Love it! Every Thursday on the D&D night we order from here
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Perghel Bogdan
15 februarie 2018 12:17

Good food, good enough service.
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Vix Tuck
15 octombrie 2017 23:05

For the restaurant part, it's decent.
Cons: The table was full of crumbs and the glass looked rather poorly washed.
Pros: Nevertheless, the staff was nice and the pizza was delicious.
4/5 stars for the restaurant, I am subtracting a star just for the way the table looked.

As for the delivery service, it's absolutely wonderful.
Pros: The pizza is always early and warm.
Cons-ish: I would warn you against ordering at closing time, which would lead to your food taking 2hrs to arrive, but that is understandable seeing as the staff is overworked. They also do let you know it will take a while, should it be the case, but from my experience, they do their best to deliver it in the shortest time possible. From my experience, at least. (I was always told my pizza would arrive in 45mins-1hr and it usually arrived after 40mins. The time it took 2hrs to arrive was an exception, I believe, and I was told it will take 1hr30min-2hrs)

6/5 stars for the delivery. It is perhaps the best pizza delivery service in Cluj. I don't know for sure. After finding out about La Ses, I didn't feel the need to try other places
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Anda Totoreanu
14 septembrie 2017 10:40

The quality here varies, but for the most part the pizza is quite enjoyable. Good place to go for a chat on a summer evening. They also deliver!
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