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Aleea Scărilor FN, Cluj
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3,3 / 3 voturi
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P Paul
4 august 2018 05:34 Rezervat în data de 3 august 2018

F Flaviu
7 iulie 2018 07:47 Rezervat în data de 6 iulie 2018

A Andreea
14 aprilie 2018 23:13 Rezervat în data de 14 aprilie 2018

Am facut rezervarea de pe acest site insa personalul localului nu a fost anuntat cu privire la aceasta.
Mai pe scurt, am facut rezervarea fara nici un rost.

9 noiembrie 2019 12:15

Great cappuccino and nice view. Not very expensive...
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26 iulie 2019 20:12

Very good place, the view is excellent and it's nice during summer time because it's more chilly here. Their prices and menu are ok, I ordered a pizza and it was tasty however their dough is questionable, it tastes like a pastry type of dough that lacks yeast.. it's not the greatest for me but it's super thin and it's not noticeable. My family ordered their chicken breast menu and it was packed well
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10 septembrie 2019 08:40

I’ve been there in the past and the serving was bad, this girl that took our order was acting as if we bothered her. We tried going again last weekend when we had some friends over and they told us that we cannot sit outside with a dog, I think this is the only place in Cluj where you cannot stay on the terrace with your dog. Kids that are disturbing everyone around are welcomed, but dogs aren’t. The view is indeed beautiful, but I wouldn’t recommend a place that doesn’t respect men’s best friend, when everywhere else they welcome them and even without asking they bring water. There are other amazing places that one can try in Cluj.
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14 septembrie 2019 20:01

Nice view, but very high prices for the services that they are offering. The bathroom is awful and very tiny.
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18 iulie 2019 17:53

I wasnt aware this place serves food. No one suggested and no one said anything about it. The range of drinks served there is pretty small. The service couldve been so much better. All that place has is the view.
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