Pensiunea Roata Faget

Drumul Sfântul Ioan , Cluj
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Eleganta si primitoare, cu o nota calda, restaurantul pensiunii Roata Faget este locul ideal pentru o petrecere privata, o cina copioasa sau pentru alte evenimente importante. Pentru o seara memorabila, va vom desfata cu arome traditionale, preparate speciale la grill sau carne de vanat, rafinate si delicioase.

Cu o istorie de peste 10 ani, binecunoscuta terasa Roata continua traditia festinurilor culinare in aerul proaspat al padurii Faget, cu o haina noua, dar in aceeasi atmosfera familiara cu care v-a obisnuit de-a lungul anilor. Noul teren de joaca destinat celor mai mici vizitatori va asigura reusita unei iesiri perfecte in familie.

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Luni - Duminică
10:00 - 22:00


Păreri despre "Pensiunea Roata Faget"

Alex P
24 august 2018 17:33

The food is great, you will not find here sophisticated dishes as the food is from the rustic category.
The waitress was nice and cooperative and the waiting is not to long.
The placement near the forest wit a great view of the sorroundings.

You can get there by car only as there is no public transport in the area but if you want to take a long walk you can take 6, 24 and some other public transport lines until the line end and from there by foot..😄
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Attila Borbely
13 septembrie 2018 20:08

Nice and comfortable room. Extra large bed. Clean. Good food.
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Biró Réka
7 iulie 2018 18:42

Good place to eat some greatly prepared meat. There is a playground for kids. The restaurant is rustic and crowded, so you probably will wait 40 minutes until your order arrives. The prices are above average. A bit noisy and smoky since they are grilling different kinds of meat on the spot.
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Cosmin Nahaiciuc
5 septembrie 2018 06:35

Spacious, clean and modern rooms for a very reasonable price. Highly recommended!
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Nicu Ursulean
11 august 2018 11:33

I liked the food even though it wasn't as expected, but we had one of the worst service experience, waiting on our feet 10 minutes for somebody to wipe the water from the chairs so we can sit on the terrace chairs after we kindly asked the third time, I know it was almost a full evening, but in my opinion asking a customer with an almost empty glass if he wants more beer comes after cleaning tables and wiping chairs for newcomers. After we sat on still wet chairs, the waitress took a cigarette break before taking our order and another one after we asked for the check.
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