Panoramic Cetățuie

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Strada Șerpuitoare 1, Cluj
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Luni - Duminică
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Păreri despre "Panoramic Cetățuie"

Raul-David Lenart
23 aprilie 2019 14:22

I liked the place, the serving was professional, the food was tasty and the place is very clean. I had a soup because they didn't had the breakfast. The view from the restaurant is beautiful and also they have plenty parking places. Enjoy.
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Ana Maria Lungu
2 mai 2019 17:50

Really delicious food, nice and welcoming waiters. The view is fabulous too! Although it's a little pricey.
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Simona Mihaela
17 ianuarie 2019 16:22

Visiting this restaurant since its opening, back in 2013. Organized both company events and private ones. Really good management, passionate about providing one of the best experiences.

Food is delicious, staff is very professional and the view ... The view is the the cherry on the cake. Astonishing and breathe taking, is worth seeing the city in the evening but also during day.

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Csaba Simonffi
28 iulie 2019 08:22

Nice view on the city from this place. Food is good but not excellent (for my taste).
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liliana G.
28 iulie 2019 10:25

Defo overated. The view was not wow, and a poor service. But was very clean. And a poor poor menu .
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