Panoramic Cetățuie

Strada Șerpuitoare 1, Cluj
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Luni - Duminică
10:00 - 23:00


Păreri despre "Panoramic Cetățuie"

zizi drew
23 septembrie 2018 18:16

Beautiful view but also beautiful prices and poor drink menus. On the other hand, a quiet, elegant place and interesting food. It's perfect for a special date or a business party.
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David Ivanciuc
7 septembrie 2018 21:52

If you want to enjoy a breathtaking panorama of Cluj, this is the place to be. You can do it while enjoying lunch, dinner, a glass of wine - or all of them together :). There is good food here, also good service. A special unique place, on Cetatuie hill. Don't know anything about the hotel accommodations, though.
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Dobrea Liviu-Cristian
30 septembrie 2018 16:51

Place is very clean and well maintained. The food tastes good, the service was prompt and impeccable, and lastly the, which is just amazing.
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Roxana Poenar
21 august 2018 23:18

Lovely food, wonderful views, and great service. I recommend the chicken, plus the dessert are quite amazing. So, good me and my friends didn't even managed to get a picture of the food :))
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Emilian Bujor
4 octombrie 2018 13:19

The place is nice, but the quality of the service is poor. The waiters aren't verry nice and the food could be a lot better.
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