Panoramic Cetățuie

Strada Șerpuitoare 1, Cluj
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Luni - Duminică
10:00 - 23:00


Păreri despre "Panoramic Cetățuie"

Maria R
5 martie 2018 09:08

The view from the restaurant is wonderful, but there is nothing else to make it worth visiting.
They claim to be a fancy, expensive place but the food is tasteless. We ordered 2 plates of chicken with vegetables that looked very nice, but were poorly cooked. The soup seemed like a bunch of vegetables and meat chunks boiled together.
They did not have any hot tea and the Aperol I ordered was half water.
I expected more from this place not only because they have high prices, but the way the waiters are dressed like and the overall atmosphere makes you believe that the food will be at least cooked by a real chef, not by the waiters.
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Lucian Muresan
26 martie 2018 00:36

simply my favorite place to eat and drink in the city. Reservation really helps if you would like to have a table to admire the panorama... the view/food/service is probably one of the best in the city!
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Hunor Szondi
11 iunie 2018 09:54

High quality food and service, but it's really expensive.
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Alina Nicoara
5 iulie 2018 19:45

Excellent view of Cluj from here. However, food îs good but too expansive!
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Dobrinca Nichici
10 iunie 2018 23:29

Very nice view on the top of the hill.It worths drinking your coffee and taking a snack here.Not very impressed by the food and the prices but the view is amazing.The location is next to the Belvedere Hotel
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