Osteria del Buon Vino

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Calea Dorobanților 7, Cluj
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OSTERIA DEL BUON VINO este mai mult decat un restaurant unde se bea vin. Osteria del Buon Vino reprezinta o pasiune pe care dorim sa o impartasim cu voi. Va punem la dispozitie intreaga noastra experienta din care puteti afla povestea fiecărui vin: locul de unde provine, felul in care se produce, cum se imbuteliaza, parerea specialistilor despre el sau cum trebuie sa fie servit. Vinurile pe care le propunem nu se gasesc pe rafturile supermarketurilor. Fiind atent selectionate de specialistii nostri, nu riscati sa dati gres niciodata.

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M Monica
26 iulie 2019 11:27 Rezervat în data de 25 iulie 2019 prin ialoc.ro

vinul bun si cam atat. nu se poate ca felul principal sa vina la ora 22 cand evenimentul a inceput la ora 19. da o n colo ca nu e nunta! inteleg ca slow food dar a fost exagerat ca durata.

Dan Groza
27 iulie 2019 13:26

i understand the concept of slow food but this time it was ridiculous. the event started at 19 and the main dish came out at 22. i asked for the bill 3 times until i get it..the wine is indeed good, but that s all.
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13 martie 2019 14:28

A very impressive combination of exquisite Italian cuisine, a wide and carefully selection of fine wines, homemade desserts that will make forget about that diet you promised yourself you would start a new years day, top it all off with a warm hospitality and you have a recipe for an amazing place. Did I mention they have wine and cheeeeeeeeeeeeese you can buy for yourself to forget about that break up.....sorry I'm getting carried away. Just go there and you won't regret it.
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Adam Arnesen
21 martie 2019 21:45

Location and ambiance were nice and it wasn't crowded when we went for dinner on a Tuesday evening. Service quality was nothing to get excited about but the server we had was rude and condescending to me and my group. Playful banter is ok but blatantly insulting me for my choices of food and drink was completely unacceptable. Food quality was sub-par especially given the one hour wait. Had duck with asparagus. Duck was dry and flavorless and asparagus was woody and limp. Do not recommend and will not return.
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Bianca Opris
7 aprilie 2019 10:34

The place is very nice. We ordered pasta with seafood and it wasn't good, the food was sandy because the seafood wan't cooked and cleaned properly. My friends had other type of pasta and the food was delicious.
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Adrian B
21 martie 2019 21:20

Good restaurant. Recommend
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