Opera Resto Caffe

Piața Ștefan cel Mare 18, Cluj

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Aflat langa Teatrul National, restaurantul Opera Resto Caffe va asteapta cu preparate pregatite ca la mama acasa si prajituri delicioase.

Intr-un ambient elegant, puteti savura micul dejun, masa de amiaza sau cina, toate pregatite cu grija si servite rapid. In salonul-cafenea puteti servi toate produsele Opera Resto Caffe sau pur si simplu va puteti relaxa la o ceasca de cafea, un pahar de vin sau alte bauturi.

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Luni - Vineri
08:00 - 20:00
10:00 - 18:00


Păreri despre "Opera Resto Caffe"

Bogdan Branzas
3 aprilie 2018 15:44

Self service cantina with decent food and pleasant interior. Reliable when you are hungry and on the go. Quite full with people on rush hours around midday.
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Istvan Dembrovszky
1 martie 2018 09:32

Good place to have quick lunch. The price is litle bit expensive but the food is more then good. I recomand
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Björn Rittershausen
24 noiembrie 2017 20:39

Great variety of food offered at this self-service location. For whatever reason it seems to be difficult to keep the food warm at the counter. If it is "Rösti" or smashed potatoes, chicken leg or "Schnitzel"; none of the dishes are kept warm properly. I can't remember going there and not asking to warm up the food in the microwave. But even some of the microwave ovens are not able to warm up the food anymore.
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Stratos Tsan
8 martie 2018 08:31

Nice food and many choices to choose. My only dislike was that the food was too much salted...
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Matei Velich
11 ianuarie 2018 13:55

Mediocre food ar mediocre prices. Ok if in a hurry.
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