Napoli Centrale

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Strada Dobrogeanu Gherea 17, Cluj

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Pizzeria Spaghetteria Napoli Centrale, este pioniera bucatariei cu specific italianesc din orasul Cluj Napoca, inca din anul 1998. Originalitatea gustului bucatariei Italiene este succesul nostru, fiecare produs avand savoarea autentica a unei plimbari pe strazile din minunatul oras Napoli.

Puteti savura o pizza pe minunata noastra terasa, oaza de liniste in centrul Clujului, inconjurati de o gradina plina de verdeata.

Conducerea familiala confera restaurantului Napoli Centrale o atmosfera primitoare care te face sa te simti ca si acasa. Pastele noastre “fatte in casa” va vor cuceri din prima imbucatura, savoarea lor autentica si aspectul lor incantator va asteapta proaspete in fiecare zi. Lasagne, Ravioli, Tortelloni, Tagliatelle, Rigatini, Pappardelle, Fagottini … mmmm …. Che buone !!!

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Luni - Vineri
10:00 - 00:00
Sâmbătă - Duminică
11:00 - 00:00


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Sebastian Verho
21 august 2018 21:02

Very nice restaurant with a lovely outside area to sit at. There was a nice small stream and the lighting was very well done. I had a pizza and it was pretty tasty though the dough wasn't crispy which would have been more to my liking.

Unfortunately, we had some issues with the staff. We were waiting for a table and 3 couples were given a table before us even though we came before them. Also, they they didn't understand our requests fully many times.

We also saw the owner of the place and he really seems to care about the place as he was running things and trying to make things go smoothly. This also was seen in the quality of the food as it was good.
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Adriana Bradley
3 septembrie 2018 08:10

The best Italian family restaurant in town! The food is great, the garden is fantastic, away from the city traffic, it has a small stream with fish and lits of green grass, seating is in the shade- just fantastic! Great for families with kids, great homemade desserts, homemade pasta and excellent pizza!
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LoKi X
21 iulie 2018 20:11

This is a great place which has an large covered outside seating area in the back. You won't know it looking from the entrance but the ambiance is great. Given by the name of the place it is an Italian fair but with good options for smaller share plates and nibbles if you just want something to accompany your wine and just hang back over a long and casual conversation with friends and the likes. This could also be quite the cozy and romantic place for a significant other. The covered area was really nice because you can experience a meal outside with the breaze even when it rains.
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Flavius Pop
27 iulie 2018 18:11

The terrace is great but there was no music.

The pizza looks very good but it does not taste that good. It's a lot of bread and mozzarella. It's not what I was expecting.

Still, a good place for a visit.
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Roxana Mlendea
26 iulie 2018 21:15

They've got the best pizza in town! The pasta is also veeery good (but the portions are too small). The prices are kinda high though.
I totally recommend it.
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