Let's Coffee

Constantin Daicoviciu 8, Cluj
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Coffee shop-ul Let's Coffee este locul perfect unde cafeaua de specialitate joacă rolul principal și boabele sunt de cea mai înaltă calitate.

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Luni - Vineri
07:30 - 18:00
09:00 - 15:00


Păreri despre "Let's Coffee"

Marcian Enache-Poti
22 iulie 2019 12:07

Probably the best coffee in Cluj...and music.
On the practical side: single origin coffee carefully and masterfully brewed by lovely people, relatively small and welcoming place, with some room to sit outside on small chairs.
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Alin Kovacs
19 iulie 2019 15:15

Great coffee doubled by really nice and accommodating staff. Space is small, with a relaxed atmosphere.
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Radu Solo
4 august 2019 16:58

It's on my europenean top 5...
They get better and better!! Well done @let'coffee
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Marcela Campean
4 august 2019 20:29

Best coffee in Cluj! Great! Will come always when we'll visit Cluj!
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Anca Tataru
8 aprilie 2019 13:08

If you're in Cluj, you have to treat yourself with one of their coffees. They bring their beans from the best coffee roasters, so you can try different flavours and you'll live every single one! :) For extra karma points, if you don't have time to stay, you can enjoy it in their biodegradable cups :)
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