Let's Coffee

Constantin Daicoviciu 8, Cluj

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Coffee shop-ul Let's Coffee este locul perfect unde cafeaua de specialitate joacă rolul principal și boabele sunt de cea mai înaltă calitate.

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Luni - Vineri
07:30 - 18:00
09:00 - 15:00


Păreri despre "Let's Coffee"

Sorin Bilegan
18 decembrie 2018 11:59

Awesome specialty coffee from renowned roasters from all over Europe. Just don't try to buy any beans from them..
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Luciana Constantinescu
13 noiembrie 2018 11:01

Very good coffee, very friendly people. It's not a big space, but it is a good occasion to mingle and get to know the usual crowd
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Nicolae Adrian Braic
20 august 2018 14:24

Verry nice people will welcome you even if you don't drink coffee. I don't drink coffee but my friends do and they say that is one of the best coffee in town.
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Jozsef Fulop
17 decembrie 2018 21:12

Nice place to hangout, great coffee!!!
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7 septembrie 2018 09:52

Let's Coffee help espresso your feelings.
Cosy, friendly, vivid and tasty experience.
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