Let's Coffee

Constantin Daicoviciu 8, Cluj

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Let's Coffee nu acceptă rezervări

Coffee shop-ul Let's Coffee este locul perfect unde cafeaua de specialitate joacă rolul principal și boabele sunt de cea mai înaltă calitate.

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Luni - Vineri
07:30 - 18:00
09:00 - 15:00


Păreri despre "Let's Coffee"

Marcel Hadjiu
21 iulie 2017 12:15

The best coffee in town.

Apart from the shining espresso machine in the tasteful minimalist decorum, Vasi is the keystone of the place. His obsession with the quality and consistency of products he works with, and his thirst for new experiences, makes visitors enjoy coffee specialties from local and international roasters.
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Alexander Dubovoy
18 noiembrie 2017 10:55

Great coffee, super nice people.
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Silviana Cimpian
28 martie 2017 22:10

One of the best coffee shops in Cluj-Napoca. Apart from the amazing coffee selection and beautiful latte art, the atmosphere is always very friendly and cosy. Warmly recommended!
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Mihai Botnaru
28 aprilie 2017 09:39

The excelent coffee compensates the lack of sweetners. Check it out
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Meer Kasim
2 august 2016 15:55

One of the best coffee in Cluj downtown area. The owners are very knowledgeable with different types of coffee and courteous. Cozy place!
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