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Str. Emil Isac 25, Cluj

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You only need a few minutes at Jaxx American Restaurant to start feeling the real atmosphere that is completed by the tables and decorations inspired by great American Rock Bands, the car on top of the bar, and the real chopper from the wall. These are all part of the rock spirit that we thought of when we created this restaurant.

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Păreri despre "Jaxx"

M Mares
9 august 2017 08:37 Rezervat în data de 8 august 2017 prin ialoc.ro

Servicii excelente, recomand cu incredere. Singurul minus sunt scaunele care nu sunt chiar confortabile.

Hunor Kovács
14 mai 2018 16:47

Best music! Best afternoon atmosphere. Cool waitresses/waiters. Very good food, I love the burgers. Sometimes busy, but because it’s good. The design is nice, the place is clean and the people inside are beautiful.
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Razvan Cristian
31 martie 2018 01:05

Firstly, let's talk about the atmosphere. It's obvious to the naked eye that Jaxx is mainly a place best suited for people that love rock and metal music, however, if you don't like that type of music but don't particularly dislike it either, you'll have nothing against this place! Sure, the decor is respecting a certain theme, but it's a very welcoming restaurant!

The waiters are extremely friendly, and still do something that I rarely see anymore. They smile, and I at least see that as an important practice for their profession!

The food is incredibly tasty, the menu is varied, and the plating is exceptional as well (some dishes are brought in pans, it really adds to their character)! I can vouch for the breakfast options (not only are they delicious, but the bread is made in-house as well) and the burgers, as I haven't eaten anything else, but at this point I am convinced they're all great! The teas are also really good, and there are some fascinating alcoholic beverages!

I find the price range affordable as well!
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Soki Alex
31 mai 2018 09:40

If you're searching for a cosy place to hangout with your friends or just enjoy a drink by yourself, search no more! Jaxx will have you covered ;)
The food and drinks are amazing, the staff is very kind and friendly.
I highly recommend their terrace, especially during the summer season.
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Oana D
26 mai 2018 11:25

Great food, friendly staff and the backyard terrace is lovely. Very nice experience, i go there often. I recommend it.
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Diana Chirvase
28 mai 2018 14:25

Great atmosphere, good food and drinks! Nice place to spend an evening with friends. Enjoy! 🤗
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