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You only need a few minutes at Jaxx American Restaurant to start feeling the real atmosphere that is completed by the tables and decorations inspired by great American Rock Bands, the car on top of the bar, and the real chopper from the wall. These are all part of the rock spirit that we thought of when we created this restaurant.

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Păreri despre "Jaxx"

M Mares
9 august 2017 08:37 Rezervat în data de 8 august 2017 prin ialoc.ro

Servicii excelente, recomand cu incredere. Singurul minus sunt scaunele care nu sunt chiar confortabile.

Jacques-Alexandre Bossu
7 noiembrie 2017 11:12

Great and tasty burgers with real meat. Great staff and waiters, a little but not excessive wait, cosy ambiance and tasteful music. The decoration is original and very fun to watch.
A large menu which will please anyone.

It's not very expensive, they have great beers, and the outdoor is a must see in summer, as it is gorgeously lit.
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Stefan Capbun
1 noiembrie 2017 18:33

A very nice place to have a couple beers with friends. You will find a very cozy space with american design and rock and roll influence. Good food, the prices are a little to high. They have extraordinary cocktails, try some !
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Daniel Cirlugea
7 noiembrie 2017 17:11

Great place for a peaceful chat. Fine music. Nice waiters. Pets are allowed and welcomed with a bowl with water !
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Melinda Boros
7 noiembrie 2017 16:49

Cool place. Nice menu.
Pet friendly nice staff.
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Alexandru Laurus
9 octombrie 2017 21:52

Very lovely staff and a good selection of food. Did I mention the staff was amazing? Oh, yes I did!
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