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You only need a few minutes at Jaxx American Restaurant to start feeling the real atmosphere that is completed by the tables and decorations inspired by great American Rock Bands, the car on top of the bar, and the real chopper from the wall. These are all part of the rock spirit that we thought of when we created this restaurant.

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Păreri despre "Jaxx"

M Mares
9 august 2017 08:37 Rezervat în data de 8 august 2017 prin ialoc.ro

Servicii excelente, recomand cu incredere. Singurul minus sunt scaunele care nu sunt chiar confortabile.

David Ivanciuc
12 ianuarie 2018 20:13

Awesome music, nice atmosphere, great table service. The place is uniquely arranged with special articles mounted on the walls. Articles include guitars, famous records on vinyl, drawings of famous rock artists and even a motorcycle. Very nice experience. Go enjoy a beer and listen to some great music at Jaxx.
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David C
21 februarie 2018 13:35

The service has excellent and the coffee has great. We only ordered drinks but I'm pretty sure the food taste's the same way. I also loved the art work on the walls.
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elina korne
28 decembrie 2017 20:48

Great place to eat, drink, meet friends and have a great time. Serve vegetarian and meat filled options. Great selection of beer. Fantastic music if you're a rock-head. Friendly people, both in staff and amongst the guests. In summertime, the backyard terrace is just THE place to spend your evening sipping local wine and chilling with friends. By far my favourite bar/restaurant in Cluj!!!! Couldn't recommend more!!!!
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Vlad Prunas
15 februarie 2018 19:54

You get exactly the service for which you pay for. With a price average above medium: the food is awesome, the staff is awesome, the place itself is awesome. We always received our order without delay, regardless of how many customers were in.
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Claudia Dinu
12 februarie 2018 12:14

Good food, good serving! First of all this restaurant has a nice interior design with an american vibe. The food is delicious and the portions are big. We ate quesadilla, burgers and mac`n`cheese. All of theme were very tasty. They have a night time & day time menu and very well trained staff. Definitely try the ginger lemonade.
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