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Figo's Pizza & Caffe

Strada Petőfi Sándor 30, Cluj

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Pizza a aparut in anul 1700, in Italia.
La Figo's Pizza&Caffe continuam aceasta traditie cu dragoste,ambianta de la noi, conferind oricarui oaspete o stare de bine. Aici, prin pasiunea investita in crearea ei, pizza este savurata nu doar prin gustul ei, cat si prin iscusinta cu care a fost pregatita. Iar cei care nu au timp pentru pizza, pot servi o cafea calda sau o limonada rece intr-o tovarasie calduroasa. Servim o pizza buna, intr-o atmosfera placuta si ne dam silinta sa fim gazdele ideale pentru buna dumneavoastra dispozitie!

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Luni - Vineri
10:00 - 23:00
Sâmbătă - Duminică


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6 iunie 2019 13:15

It's a cozy pizza place. I'm a regular customer and overall the experience is a positive one. Fair prices, friendly staff, the usual stuff you'd expect to get at a pizzeria.
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5 decembrie 2018 11:15

This place serves mainly pizza and pies (palaneț). The staff is always nice and quite prompt with the service. For lunch time, I do recommend making a reservation in advance and also make your order in advance. They have their menu posted on Facebook, so you can easily choose there what you want. Doing this is more efficient and you cut a lot on your waiting time, if you are in a hurry.

I usually come here with colleagues during lunch and we like to get 1 big pizza for 2 people, as it is more cost efficient. Don't worry, whatever you can't eat, you can take with you. We usually like to get the Special Pizza and the Pepperoni one. They also give you 1 sauce/pizza for free. What I really like about their pizza is that it is made to have a very thin crust, which I absolutely love in a pizza. The ingredients used are also good and we have never had any problems after eating their pizza.

Overall great place to go eat at any time you want a pizza with a very thin crust, that is not that expensive for the size they give you. Oh, I also love that they serve it you in a pan, fresh out of the oven. Be careful, it can be quite hot.
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7 noiembrie 2019 10:48

Pizza is decent, not great tho and the place is quite small. Also God forbid you try picking up one of the chairs as chances are you'll see it break apart.
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16 mai 2019 13:00

Tasty pizza . You should eat here
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14 iunie 2019 17:48

An interesting place, what it lacks in class it compensates with character. Not that crowded, visited several times and did not need reservation, tables were available. Pizza is somewhere between good and very good with decent prices. Menu is diverse and has a lot of options with 2 sizes for pizzas (large and very large). Enough diversity in the drinks area with higher prices on imported stuff.
Staff is great, always available and polite.
Place is clean but furniture may seem outdated.
Overall the atmosphere is cozy and welcoming - we usually go there with groups of friends or colleagues and always have a good time.
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