Pizzeria Montana

Strada București 79, Cluj

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Păreri despre "Pizzeria Montana"

marina ferent
19 noiembrie 2018 19:58

Very nice place, warm atmosphere and friendly staff.
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Alexie Alberto Gaudin
26 august 2018 16:12

I ordered this drink named Black Ice, which was supposed to be black tea, milk, honey and ice. It was the most dissapointing thing i have ever drank. It tasted like nothing, more than 75% of it was ice, so that sums it up.... all i could taste was plain cold water with a little hint of tea.
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Lancelot On Crack
26 mai 2018 11:02

Best pizza in town. The place is crowded during lunch time (11:30 - 14:00) and orders longer within this time frame (> 40 minutes for 4 pizzas). It's located on a noisy street, with plenty of traffic. I recommend the pizza , but served inside.
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Catalin Prata
22 iulie 2018 13:29

The pizza is OK, nothing exeptional but just great for the price you pay. The waiting time is quite long and should be improved.
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Sandra Beatrice
4 septembrie 2018 22:24

It takes too long for someone to come and take your order (the food is also prepared in a long time). The service overall is bad.
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