Enigma - Kinetic Steampunk Cafe

Strada Iuliu Maniu 12, Cluj

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Cafenea cu design kinetic steampunk, în centrul vechi al oraşului, cu o superbă Grădină de vară secretă şi plină de verdeaţă. Te aşteaptă cu o diversă gamă de specialităţi de cafea, ciocolată caldă, cocktailuri, o grădină de vară superbă pe timpul sezonului cald şi vin fiert în timpul iernii.

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08:00 - 03:00
10:00 - 03:00


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mirto thalas
22 octombrie 2017 00:18

Very cool place, a steampunk themed cafe with a nice menu. We did not try he food, but the coffee and desserts are great! If only the music was more relevant to the theme...
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Carina Cetinel
18 septembrie 2017 14:07

It is a really nice place to either just have a few drinks or to eat. During my stay in Cluj I've been there at least 3 times. I had different meals and I've also advised other people to go and eat and they all came back with good feedback. The interior garden placement is just amazing and the staff was always nice.
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Krzysztof Laskowski
23 septembrie 2017 15:23

I was expecting something better. The service works there for penalties. Decor is not everything. no climate. After beer I wanted to go out quickly.
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Andreea Rusu
1 octombrie 2017 10:25

I like the garden and, though I wouldn't call it out-of-this-world awesome, the interior design is fun to explore. But the table service is too inconsistent even when the place is empty. Also, last time I was there the pop music was so loud that it felt more like a Zumba class.
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Csősz Gergő
25 iulie 2017 23:52

One of the best pubs in this city! The staff is kind, the outdoor place is quiet and relaxing, the indoor place is perfect for conversations, as the music is not that loud. Also it has this Steampunk style which makes it really interesting.
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