Daniel Berar

Strada Ciobanului 2, Cluj

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Cea mai buna mancare italiana din Cluj! Fructe de mare si cea mai savuroasa pizza...100% ITALIANO

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Marți - Duminică
11:00 - 23:00


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Reus Alin
4 septembrie 2018 14:16

An extraordanery pizza place with an indoor pizza oven and great menu. Nice people and super relaxed atmosphere. The only thing on the downside is the location and the views...but for a good drink and pizza is perfect.
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Mihai-Marius Criste
6 februarie 2019 08:52

impeccable service, good pizza, very good salad
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7 septembrie 2018 14:38

Awesome pizza, we had it several times and ended up trying their pasta with piadina too, and it was great. They even gave us free soup for lunch. Staff is friendly and professional. They have a terrace at the back of the restaurant. See you soon Daniel 🍴😀
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Jose Rodriguez
16 decembrie 2018 20:03

Hands-down the best Italian spot in Manastur.
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Ciprian Petrar
20 decembrie 2018 22:54

Great place, great food
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