Casa Vikingilor

Strada Alexandru Vlahuță 41A, Cluj
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Locul unde se mănâncă mult si bine...iar trifermentul si metoclopramidul sunt din partea casei !!!

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Georgia Craciun
27 iulie 2019 23:54

First time there, food was great and the staff offered us țuică and watermelon om the house. We will definitely come back 😊
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David Gal
14 august 2019 10:38

Came as a tourist, we could only choose from a special menu on the table which was more expensive, even if we showed him the dishes on theirs website, he didn't let us choose from there.
And the pizza wasn't good also.
Try something else.
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Tudor Merlas
12 februarie 2019 10:15

The food was good and was delivered quickly. The light was dim and the atmosphere was pleasant overall. Our server was competent but could have done with a more positive attitude - though at the end of my day I'm not in the mood for smiling either, so I can't blame him. My gripes are that is was kind of cold near the windows where we sat and that some menu items were, indeed, quite expensive though not prohibitively so.
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Vlad Popovici
22 iunie 2019 14:23

Did not even get to taste the food, the service was awful: we have ordered three soups, the first was brought after 20 minutes, almost cold, the second after another five minutes and for the last one I had to personally call the waitress (which was mopping the floor, in the meanwhile) after another five minutes. When I complained, a second waiter came and asked his colleague to bring back warm soups. Almost fifteen minutes later still no sign of any warm soup, so we just paid for the drinks and left the site. We will certainly not return to this site, as it was the second time we’ve met terrible service here.
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11 august 2019 14:01

Pizza is great. Theme is great
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