Casa Vikingilor

Strada Alexandru Vlahuță 41A, Cluj

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Locul unde se mănâncă mult si bine...iar trifermentul si metoclopramidul sunt din partea casei !!!

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Tudor Merlas
12 februarie 2019 10:15

The food was good and was delivered quickly. The light was dim and the atmosphere was pleasant overall. Our server was competent but could have done with a more positive attitude - though at the end of my day I'm not in the mood for smiling either, so I can't blame him. My gripes are that is was kind of cold near the windows where we sat and that some menu items were, indeed, quite expensive though not prohibitively so.
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Kinga Boros
9 februarie 2019 09:59

Love the food. There is a lot of variety. Portions are quite large with affordable prices
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Weiner Zoran
7 februarie 2019 20:49

Prices too high for the quality of the meel. I have a 10% off card and every time something is wrong with the sistem they cant offer de discount.
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Alex R
30 iunie 2018 08:58

There's good food there and the interior decorations are pleasant and rustic. They have two levels of dining space separated by a flight of stairs and also they have an outside dining area that is pretty isolated from wind, rain, snow or whatever else nature may throw at you while you're having a smoke while you're waiting for your meal which is generous in size. I'm not a slim guy, I can eat but the meals are pretty big. Overall I recommend this place. Great experience!
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Eugen Pop
1 decembrie 2018 15:09

Big portions but quality is less than average
Food was tooo oily for my taste.
Soups are good.
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