Casa Vikingilor

Strada Alexandru Vlahuță 41A, Cluj

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Locul unde se mănâncă mult si bine...iar trifermentul si metoclopramidul sunt din partea casei !!!

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25 februarie 2018 20:53

Good selection of Romanian style food. Prices are affordable and the portions are large and tasteful. The place is spacious, the music a bit loud for a restaurant and lately they are leaving the Viking theme behind when it comes about the interior design but the place remains OK for grabbing a quick unpretentious bite.
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10 ianuarie 2020 00:09

good pizza. even better prices. nice design
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6 mai 2019 19:36

Couple's lunch (sunday)
It wasn't busy.
We've ordered 2 small sized soups (beef and chicken) and 1 dish with minced meat+countryside potatoes, beer and water.
The order took around 35min to arrive to us.

Beef soup - the meat needed more cooking and the chicken soup had a thick layer of oil in it.

Minced meat was ok. Potatoes were with onion and egg - a bit too much ( watch out for your colesterol levels )considering we had "mititei" also.

Beer and water was the only thing ok.

I recommend this place, only if you've already ate when you left home, so that you can be prepared to wait.

Good luck!

Also: the music was deep lounge, totally unprofessional here, considering you have a viking theme setting. Try putting tavern music next time. Peace!
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4 martie 2020 23:24

A nice place with good food where you can enjoy a nice chat with good friends.
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2 octombrie 2020 06:52

Great food
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