Casa Piraților

Strada Răvașului 16, Cluj

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Jurj Alexandru
1 ianuarie 2018 09:07

Once the place was amazing. The service was good and everything. Now, the waitresses are disrespectful, and the atmosphere is gone. The only good thing is the food and the portions, which are good and big for the paid price. I recommend the ribs, the 1 meter of "mici" and "Tocăniță Brașoveană".
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Vicky Bo
30 decembrie 2017 16:03

Hmm it's not place that I'll go soon, even ever again. The waiters are rude and disrespectful... Too bad because the food it's amazing. You can try for once, and hope you'll have a good experience. Peace
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andrei stanimir
11 noiembrie 2017 22:46

Delicious food, fast service and BIG portions. Just grate when you want to stop for a refill ;)
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Dani Muntean
19 octombrie 2017 09:45

A great place to eat. The food is good and the prices are accessible
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Szocs Roland
7 ianuarie 2018 13:41

Great food, great place. The portions are big.
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