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Strada Răvașului 16, Cluj

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andrei stanimir
11 noiembrie 2017 22:46

Delicious food, fast service and BIG portions. Just grate when you want to stop for a refill ;)
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Dani Muntean
19 octombrie 2017 09:45

A great place to eat. The food is good and the prices are accessible
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Paul Ghiran
16 august 2017 19:24

Had a huge service problem. Left the place after not finding a supervisor to talk to, and issued a written complaint via email the next day. I have yet to receive a reply.
Other than that, the prices are good and the food is tasty
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Gabriel Bogdan Trofin
19 iulie 2017 02:33

The food was not well done, the waiter was rude and the atmosphere was absent
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Mirabela Gabriela Berariu
13 iulie 2017 23:17

Good, homemade like food, for all budgets and tastes. Especially for the meat-lovers it's a great choice!
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