Casa Piraților

Strada Răvașului 16, Cluj

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Stefan Vlad
5 mai 2018 19:55

Rude waitress and you'll wait ages for your food. Avoid unless you don't have any other choice.
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Andreea Bianca
5 martie 2018 00:27

There is good food, good prices but there is no parking space.
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Andrei Catalin Buzilă
3 iunie 2018 18:03

Nice location, great food.
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Elena Mera-Long
25 februarie 2018 18:13

Student place. Cheap and cheerful. Open all night.
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Jurj Alexandru
1 ianuarie 2018 09:07

Once the place was amazing. The service was good and everything. Now, the waitresses are disrespectful, and the atmosphere is gone. The only good thing is the food and the portions, which are good and big for the paid price. I recommend the ribs, the 1 meter of "mici" and "Tocăniță Brașoveană".
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