Casa Piraților

Strada Răvașului 16, Cluj

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Casa Piraților nu acceptă rezervări online prin

Un loc in unde se mananca mult si bine!

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Iacob Enache
8 aprilie 2019 13:40

I'm not going to lie, it's not the best place for a family meal or any kind of underaged customers, half of the menu book is only drinks :).. but it's cheap and good food! Traditional, tasty, diverse dishes and a whole lot of food! You can find wedding and other celebration plates with small salty bites.. but those crazy dishes about boats and pirates just "butters your croissant" :))
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Bogdan Ghiran
7 ianuarie 2019 21:38

The service is downright horrible when the nice part off the staff is not on duty. We waited on a table for 6 for 45 minutes without even having the drinks order taken.
When a person from our table asked the staff nicely, the supervisor or whatever asked her if she could attend to our table and she told him to "let us wait" and we overheard.

We were in a hurry because two of were supposed to leave town and I wanted them to eat there because I really like the food.

We have been nothing but polite, unwarranting of such treatment.

There were no orders being taken at the time, the place was not crowded. The two waiters were just slacking off. The people next two us had their empty plates in front of them for the whole duration.

I am really disappointed in what happened tonight. We ended up going to another place because 2 of my friends had a train to catch .
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DFox Review
14 februarie 2019 19:38

Quite alright, seem to make their own bread, plenty of food. If it is crowded it is a bit slow. Was pleased with the pizza.
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Paul Ghiran
7 ianuarie 2019 21:29

Had a huge service problem. Left the place after not finding a supervisor to talk to, and issued a written complaint via email the next day.

---- EDIT: I have never received a reply.

I tried it again. After 40 minutes we were told we need to wait more before they take our order. It was not a busy night, just an extremely rude waitress. There is no way to talk a manager about stuff like this either.
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Miezul Zilei
2 martie 2019 09:11

Nice place to come if you want to eat good food at a convenient price.
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