Casa Piraților

Strada Răvașului 16, Cluj

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Acest local nu acceptă rezervări online prin

Casa Piraților nu acceptă rezervări online prin

Un loc in unde se mananca mult si bine!

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Csaba Czank
5 noiembrie 2018 18:30

The food is very tasty here and they are serving very big portions. But usually there is a wait as it is a very crowded place, so be prepared to wait a bit until you can order and get what you have ordered.
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Marc M.
5 septembrie 2018 08:10

Staff is friendly and willing to stay over their closing time. It isn't open 24 hrs, but it is open until very early in the morning and they open up again at 10:00... Or at least that's what I understood on Wednesday morning. Food was good, staff excellent, the place is not high end, but it is a clean mid range sit-down restaurant
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Remus Serban
12 august 2018 14:23

It looks and feels pretty shady, pushing forth a rustic vibe that borderlines into lack of cleanliness.

The state, however, is amazingly friendly and nice. The food is also pretty good. There's no parking however.
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Rusu Xenia
7 septembrie 2018 16:35

If you have no other place to choose from, this is a good option as they are open till late or 24/7. Food is not great. It used to be a good place but lately it is getting worse and worse
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Adel Benko
7 noiembrie 2018 12:49

Great food, amazing staff and always open. What else could anyone want?
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