Casa Piraților

Strada Răvașului 16, Cluj
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Un loc in unde se mananca mult si bine!

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Vultur Sebastian
28 iulie 2019 21:24

Good place. The daily menu "menu of the day" is big portion and good price.
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Oana Suciu
6 iulie 2019 04:12

The food was fine, perfect for a casual night out. The prices are veey accesible.

The only issue I had with the place is that it was quite dirty and the servers were playing phone games instead of taking orders.
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Iacob Enache
8 aprilie 2019 13:40

I'm not going to lie, it's not the best place for a family meal or any kind of underaged customers, half of the menu book is only drinks :).. but it's cheap and good food! Traditional, tasty, diverse dishes and a whole lot of food! You can find wedding and other celebration plates with small salty bites.. but those crazy dishes about boats and pirates just "butters your croissant" :))
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Tudor Moldovan
12 iulie 2019 14:47

We waited an hour for the food, despite having booked a reservation. The waiters were dirty!
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Georgiana Dumitru
22 iunie 2019 13:32

Large portions of tasty Romanian food, at affordable prices.
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