Casa Maramureșeană

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Bulevardul 21 Decembrie 1989 82, Cluj

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În timp ce Clujul e Orașul Comoară al Transilvaniei, am putea declara hotărât că Maramureșul e regiunea cu cele mai de preț tradiții, păstrate până în ziua de astăzi. Cei cu dor de Maramureș și de bunătățile culinare tradiționale specifice, se pot opri în vizită la Casa Maramureșeană.

Vor fi ospătați cum se cuvine, într-un decor ce amintește de frumusețea obiceiurilor românești. De la platouri tradiționale, la supe sau ciorbe, grilluri sau deserturi, Casa Maramușeană își primește musafirii cu drag și veselie! Iar în zilele de toamnă senine și frumoase, o terasă cu a ei viță de vie promite struguri din belșug și ne încântă cu aroma lor tomnatică.

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Nadia Nasser
18 februarie 2019 18:14

Amazing customer service. Great food!! Could not recommend this place enough. You’ll have a laugh with your waiter- just make sure you try out something new that you haven’t ever had before.
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razvan baietan
16 aprilie 2019 12:36

Excelent! I try all of them and this is the best tradicional Romanian food
Good service..good food and great atmosphere
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George Ciubotariu
5 octombrie 2018 20:48

Whether you are looking for traditional Maramures dishes or just for a delicious and consistent meal, the place you are looking for is here, in spite of the misleading "closed" sign hanging on the door that may be seen even during the open hours. (I still don't know what is happening.)
Prices range from inexpensive meals served from 12 o'clock during weekdays to special food that would take hours to be prepared for groups up to 30 people (reservation only). Mostly, the place is crowded and requires a reservation made up to a couple hours in advance to assure you get your seat. I highly recommend you anything in the menu, but my favourite dish is the bean soup in bread. You might, as well, get a full belly from eating only the soup, don't bother ordering endless food, usually the "all you can eat" thing would cost less than 50 RON. Prices are reasonable, I can't complain the place is expensive. You get the most out of everything. I doubt you could get anything as tasty and consistent for the same price anywhere else. Moreover, the restaurant is beautifully decorated, the music is traditional and the waiters' suits too. I consider it is a unforgettable place for tourists and a good place for people passing by to have a pleasurable experience.
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Nico H
6 martie 2019 16:49

Tasty traditional food and the prices are not high. Some waiters not so nice, but perhaps they are not working there anymore. Last time I went there the waiters served fast and they were very nice.
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Cristian Gazdac
25 martie 2019 06:18

Decent place to have traditional Romanian meals. Kitchy design.
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