Caro Vintage Club

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Piața Muzeului 6, Cluj
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Caro este locul ideal unde te poti opri peste zi la o cafea sau unde poti servi masa. Avand un meniu de mancare diversificat si la un pret excelent.

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L Liliana
8 iulie 2019 08:14 Rezervat în data de 7 iulie 2019 prin

Organizarea extraordinar de proasta! Daca se ajunge sa se astepte pana la 2h 30m pentru o comanda, si tot la cate o jumatate de ora sa ne soseasca cate o pizza, eu cred ca nu este normal. Nu recomand acest restaurant deloc pentru mese festive sau in contexte in care sunt implicati un grup mare de oameni.

Alexandru Ungureanu
20 iunie 2019 08:39

The Club Review - The location is pretty small so people are squished togheter. Prices are a little spicy for the amount of space you have.
The restaurant is great. They have enough terrace space for enough people. They have an outside bar, so it is easier to get drinks. I suggest you give it a try.
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Kari Morgan
25 iulie 2019 23:04

Our server was lovely, she worked hard and was attentive. The food was average. Service was unbelievably slow, it took an hour and a half to get a margarita pizza, which is absolutely absurd.
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Riften City Guard
16 mai 2019 21:12

The staff was very polite and friendly. I had some pasta that cost 28 lei and it was very tasty. The coffee also tasted like coffee. I would come again anytime. Tasty, friendly, not expensive.
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Eugen Flocea
27 iulie 2019 12:56

It would have been better if the security did his job more carefully
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Randy Hanouwer
9 august 2019 11:24

Unpolite and unattentive staff, cocktails not up to par with other establishments (even nearby), outside area way to cramped due to the sheer amount of tables. Every drink we had (a beer, a cocktail and a sparkling water) was served in the same kind of glass, which was visibly aged by a dishwasher.
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