Caro Vintage Club

Piața Muzeului 6, Cluj

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Caro este locul ideal unde te poti opri peste zi la o cafea sau unde poti servi masa. Avand un meniu de mancare diversificat si la un pret excelent.

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Delia Csiki
8 decembrie 2018 21:35

Been here also to eat and to party. Their pizza is really amazing and quite cheap as well. The staff were really friendly and nice. The club part, however, was quite small and it became easily crowded after an hour or so. The cheap drinks attract many people. The bartenders seemed to have a really superior air and that quite stood up. But all in all, if you're searching for a basic club with basic music and sometimes cheap drinks and entrances, you could try here.
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Popescu Mihai
5 ianuarie 2019 21:09

Good vibes! Great places to hang up with your friends :)
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Mihai Buleu-Hoza
31 decembrie 2018 13:24

Good place to dance and drink. Nice music and young crowd!
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Alex Lup
6 ianuarie 2019 23:19

It's OK, but it's very crowdy sometimes. The personnel it's quite nice though.
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Calin Sipos
4 ianuarie 2019 21:26

Great place for clubbing in the center of the city. Not the most elegant, fancy club but you can find things like good music, a variety of drinks, lots of people also on holidays.
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