Caro Vintage Club

Piața Muzeului 6, Cluj

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Caro este locul ideal unde te poti opri peste zi la o cafea sau unde poti servi masa. Avand un meniu de mancare diversificat si la un pret excelent.

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Vasc Sorina
27 august 2017 16:06

here you can meet a lot of people from another countries, and they are very friendly. you can stay and talk with the stuff too. the prices are acceptable. the food is tasty and the drinks are great. but talking about the music, i was in places where the music was much better. but if you are with a cool group, you can have a lot of fun, in spite of the music.
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Alexandru Razvan Moldovan
26 septembrie 2017 11:14

Nice place, cool for a relaxed evening. The only problem was that during serving hours with customers at the tables they were moving the garbage from the back with a big bin. This was going on for some time and I decided to record them and they shouted that what I was doing wasn't normal. So carring garbage for 6 times back and forth in front of customers is normal. The staff isn't prepared to handle this kind of situations. And they are rude when customers are at the tables. A shame. The photo is from when I was there and they where taking out the garbage in front of the customers during service. They've passed between the tables for eight times.
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Raluca State
13 octombrie 2017 18:26

Lovely place for a drink with friends. Waiter was quite slow. it took him 15min to bring us 2 glasses of wine.
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calin bejan
30 septembrie 2017 09:48

Nice terrace during summer, but they could hire more personnel as the waiting time for orders gets pretty long
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Iulian Veza
1 august 2017 09:32

It is a nice place to go out with your friends. The music is ok, although a bit too balkan style. The bartenders don't sell every beer late in the evening and they send you to another bar. The prices are moderate and the atmosphere is pretty nice. The waitresses are pretty neat.
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