Caro Vintage Club

Piața Muzeului 6, Cluj

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Caro este locul ideal unde te poti opri peste zi la o cafea sau unde poti servi masa. Avand un meniu de mancare diversificat si la un pret excelent.

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George Gugulea
6 august 2018 12:13

I have been there in a hot summer day, to work on a sw project. I found the place comfy and relaxing. The food was not too great, I would not recommend the pastas. Besides that, I have the feeling that the night club is full and animated, as it happens to be in top 5 night clubs in the city. On my next visit, I will definitely spend one night there :)
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e.e. iuga
26 august 2018 06:59

An excellent central place to sit on a terrace and relax without eating, drinking or having to pay anything. This is because you can be there for a long time with absolutely no one taking your order and there are no waiters in sight!!
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Bogdan Mazilu
26 septembrie 2018 17:35

We sat an empty table with no reservation sign on the table. After we ordered and waited a few minutes, the waitress was sent by the owner to tell us that the table is reserved in an hour and that we should leave. So...they made a reservation WHILE WE WAITING OUR FOOD. No respect for customers
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Gheorghe Conti
4 august 2018 16:38

Waiting time was absolutely disappointing! Order for 6 persons took the waiter more than 2h to bring half the order... we refused the rest of the order and left. Definitely avoid this place.
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Pierre-Guillaume Paris
30 iulie 2018 18:36

My female friends were sexually harassed/assaulted there. Unsafe place. I hope this club will develop a 0 tolerance policy against masculine violences.
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