Caro Vintage Club

Piața Muzeului 6, Cluj

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Caro este locul ideal unde te poti opri peste zi la o cafea sau unde poti servi masa. Avand un meniu de mancare diversificat si la un pret excelent.

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Levente Berky
12 iulie 2018 18:49

Nice view. It is more expensive than it's worth though. The food was totally dissapointing (I never left the burger half eaten before). Service was Ok (not particularly fast or kind). If you want a drink try it for food I wouldn't recommend it.
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Alexandru Ietcu
12 iulie 2018 15:34

A total disappointment. Leaving aside the fact they I was brought the wrong pizza, the toppings that are the menu are not necessarily on the pizza. Another inconvenience for me is that they do not serve Coca Cola.
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Nelu U.
4 iunie 2018 18:35

Decent prices, had a VERY attentive and nice waiter, great food and much more than you can eat on one serving. Will surely come again for sure!
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Marius Ardelean
24 aprilie 2018 18:09

Some of the staff surely hate their job, there is no other explanation for the poor service with an attitude. Increase their salaries, train them in customer service. If all fails then a career change is always good.
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Andrei Branga
29 mai 2018 09:43

If you want to wait 30 minutes untill someone comes to take your order, its definitely the perfect place...
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