Piața Muzeului 4, Cluj

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Andrei Verdes
10 aprilie 2017 19:28

The place is nice and cozy! The food is 11/10! Went there again with a couple of friends after 1 year just for the home made ice cream and the apple pie! Delicious!
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6 iunie 2017 14:32

Wonderful location, a mini-historic crowded square. Very crowded, waiting a little bit too long for the food. Big dishes and well prepared food.
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Alex B
22 aprilie 2016 15:32

The pasta dishes are quite good. I would recommend not trying anything else. Not that it's bad, just not that good. Averege would be a compliment for the rest of the dishes available. Also i really don't like the atmosphere. I understand giving the place an old vibe but it has instead an old moldy feeling and look that just does not go with eating food.
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Alexandru Gavris
19 martie 2017 13:00

One of the best places in town to go to for having something to eat or drink. Everything is literally amazing here.
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Adrian Tache
7 mai 2017 16:23

Very good food if a bit pricey. Atmosphere was so and so due to some renovation going on outside. Took quite some time to get the check.
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