Piața Muzeului 4, Cluj
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Andrei Verdes
10 aprilie 2017 19:28

The place is nice and cozy! The food is 11/10! Went there again with a couple of friends after 1 year just for the home made ice cream and the apple pie! Delicious!
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Alex B
22 aprilie 2016 15:32

The pasta dishes are quite good. I would recommend not trying anything else. Not that it's bad, just not that good. Averege would be a compliment for the rest of the dishes available. Also i really don't like the atmosphere. I understand giving the place an old vibe but it has instead an old moldy feeling and look that just does not go with eating food.
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6 iunie 2017 14:32

Wonderful location, a mini-historic crowded square. Very crowded, waiting a little bit too long for the food. Big dishes and well prepared food.
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Alexandru Gavris
19 martie 2017 13:00

One of the best places in town to go to for having something to eat or drink. Everything is literally amazing here.
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David Grau Peñas
6 decembrie 2015 14:59

One of the most charming restaurants in Cluj. Good die a whole meal or just for coffee and cake. Prices are above the average but not outrageous and you really feel that you get what you're paying for. Good food, kind staff, lovely atmosphere.
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