California Burger

Muzeului 1, Cluj
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California Burger este mai mult decât o burgerie, e o stare de spirit. Când intri în restaurantul nostru din Piața Muzeului nr. 1, călătorești în timp, în America anilor '50. E un colț de istorie, pe care am ținut să-l aducem cu noi în mijlocul Transilvaniei.

Pe lângă atmosfera „fifties”, ceea ce ne recomandă este, în primul rând, burgerul. Am ales rețete clasice, originale, pe care le-am adaptat apoi la produsele autohtone. Dacă iubiți carnea și sunteți în căutarea unui un burger delicios, California Burger este locul perfect

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Păreri despre "California Burger"

Octavian Horvat
19 iulie 2019 10:22

You can get awesome burgers here, and there are quite a few options to choose from. But the ribs are on a completely different level, if burgers are good, ribs are just heavenly.
Located in the city centre, it's cosy while not being pretentious and they also have craft beer.
It can get crowded during lunch hours.
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Vlad Onit
15 iulie 2019 21:16

Friendly and more then helpful stuff: The recomandations were on the spot. French fries were fresh (not the frozen kind) and the burger cooked to your liking. Music and atmosphere go hand in hand with the theme
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Larisa Rosca
10 iulie 2019 09:25

Had to visit this place! The talk of the city when it comes to delicious burgers and ribs.
The California burger is an absolute beast, if you love burgers you have to try one!
Definitely coming back for the ribs!
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Buza Jonny
13 aprilie 2019 14:18

I bought a California Burger with spicy sauce + fries. Damn it was good! Also, I've added a lot of Tabasco sauce because I am a fan of spicy food. The atmosphere here is so genuine that I love it. It tries to be an American diner and, honestly, with the playlist they're having they are getting close to one. The staff is also very friendly. 10/10 I'll definitely come again.
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Tim Lagerburg
3 mai 2019 15:48

Delicious although they could be a little bigger. Great freshly prepared burger with good meat and amazing buns. I would recommend a burger but I think it would be better to choose one for yourself considering all choices on the menu are just fine!
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