California Burger

Muzeului 1, Cluj

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California Burger este mai mult decât o burgerie, e o stare de spirit. Când intri în restaurantul nostru din Piața Muzeului nr. 1, călătorești în timp, în America anilor '50. E un colț de istorie, pe care am ținut să-l aducem cu noi în mijlocul Transilvaniei.

Pe lângă atmosfera „fifties”, ceea ce ne recomandă este, în primul rând, burgerul. Am ales rețete clasice, originale, pe care le-am adaptat apoi la produsele autohtone. Dacă iubiți carnea și sunteți în căutarea unui un burger delicios, California Burger este locul perfect

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Păreri despre "California Burger"

Paul Donea
4 februarie 2019 22:11

I tried their food because of a recommendation from a friend. Unfortunately it was a huge disappointment. The burger was dry and tasteless, it didn't have any kind of connection with what a real burger is. The fries were absolutely disgusting, oily and dry as croutons. Maybe you have to be lucky to get quality food there. The price is almost as big as it is in fancy restaurant but the difference between the places is huge. The staff is friendly though.
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Cosmina Codreanu
25 ianuarie 2019 23:09

Very tasty burger in a nice location.
You get a nicely cooked burger in a slightly toast bun with fresh french fries. This if you go with Traditional Burger.
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Natanael Brandas
13 februarie 2019 13:52

The best burger and rib sandwich in town!! Keep up the good work! 👍
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Adrian Ghisoiu
24 decembrie 2018 17:51

The burger is good. But I think it is a little overrated. I was expecting a tastier burger. The fries were a little oily. But I would definitely recommend this place to be tried at least once, even if it is not the best burger in the town. 4/5 for the moment!
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George Fodor
19 decembrie 2018 12:04

The staff is nice, the burgers are the best you can find in Cluj, price/quality is really good. The new place is better, more spacious. I would like if they would add a delivery option, that'd be great. Deserves 5 stars in my opinion.
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