Cafe Mozart

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Strada Cardinal Iuliu Hossu 7, Cluj
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Va oferim specialitati de cafea si deserturi intr-un mediu in care nu se fumeaza si nu se consuma alcool.

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09:00 - 23:00


Păreri despre "Cafe Mozart"

Radu Ghita
1 iunie 2019 17:43

If you're a fan of sweets Mozart Cafe is a great place to eat. They have a great selection of cakes and other types of sweets. The atmosphere is very relaxing and the music is as you might expect, classical with a focus on Mozart's work. 5/5
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Alex Schandeler
7 august 2019 21:51

Nice Location, but Cakes Icecream and Drinks are fare from what Mozart woulg have liked...for the common tourist.
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Liviu Iuga
17 iulie 2019 09:28

Lovely place, feels like 18th century. Great place to bring your date
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Ana Drella
18 aprilie 2019 11:57

Amazing coffee and selection of cakes. The atmospheres is very intimate and the music is extremely relaxing. Great service too
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Evelyn Jászay
5 iunie 2019 16:44

Special and unique atmosphare, very tasty and healthy cakes. Perfect for dates or girlish meetups!
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