Cafe Mozart

Strada Cardinal Iuliu Hossu 7, Cluj

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Va oferim specialitati de cafea si deserturi intr-un mediu in care nu se fumeaza si nu se consuma alcool.

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Luni - Duminică
09:00 - 23:00


Păreri despre "Cafe Mozart"

Ovidiu Botis
18 iunie 2017 11:06

The word excellent is not enough to describe this place. The services, the pastries and everything is amazing. The atmosphere is very relaxing with classical music on background, and building is one of the kind, the interior keep many terracotta stoves in the Secession style very well preserved.
I recommend this place from the bottom of my heart to anyone. Many friends from all over Europe and US were impressed.
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Prince Singh
9 august 2017 11:13

Me and my friends stumbled upon this beautiful cafe while looking for a place to have good coffee on a nice summer morning. We were pleasently surprised by this beautiful cafe. The interior decor and music is very classy and royal. The staff is courteous and polite and are dressed in a very traditional attire. The waffels very super tasty and so was the coffee. Recommeded for a good and relaxed time. PS: there's only sweet food stuff to eat, like cakes and waffels.
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Helga Paulger
10 iulie 2017 18:43

Such a lovely and relaxing teahouse. They have delicious desserts, coffees, teas and icecream. If you're like you might have someone play the piano while you're there.
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Ciprian Tomoiaga
7 martie 2017 02:00

Travel back in time while drinking your coffee here. As the name suggests, this café is themed around the Austrian genius of Mozart, including the very nice and relaxing music.
Being a bit hidden but easy to reach, it's a great place to escape from the busy city
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Filip Goron
17 februarie 2017 14:44

Awesome place for coffee and cake or other sweets. Very nice classical atmosphere and music.
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