Bistro Sorriso

Calea Dorobanților 48, Cluj

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Bistro Sorriso s-a nascut dintr-un vis frumos, pe care ne-am facut intr-un final curaj sa il urmam, si din dragostea pentru Italia, cu tot ce inseamna ea: muzica, oamenii, atmosfera, energia si zambetele lor colorate, dar mai ales bucataria italiana. Asa ca am creat un loc cu o atmosfera calda si primitoare, unde poti sa vii cu incredere, daca ti-e dor sa mananci "italieneste".

Te asiguram ca preparatele noastre sunt delicioase, facute dupa retete italienesti originale, iar ingredientele principale sunt 100% italienesti.

Fiecare fel de mancare are o poveste, pe care asteptam sa v-o spunem, cu pasiune si detalii savuroase. La noi totul se gateste la vedere, bucataria fiind deschisa.

Asadar, te asteptam la un mic dejun energizant, la o cafea buna, la un pranz italienesc savuros, la un meniu al zilei ”crosetat” mereu altfel, la un pahar cu prietenii sau, de ce nu, te invitam sa sarbatoresti la Sorriso momentele speciale din viata ta si a celor dragi.

Ne plac zambetele, si vrem sa strangem cat mai multe la bistro. Asa ca hai cu zambetul la tine. Hai si fara zambet daca l-ai uitat acasa, iti dam noi unul!

Si daca te-am facut macar curios, te asteptam cu drag sa ne treci pragul, sa ne cunoastem si sa impartasim arome si gusturi delicioase. Zambetul si buna dispozitie sunt din partea casei".

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Luni - Vineri
08:00 - 23:30
Sâmbătă - Duminică


Păreri despre "Bistro Sorriso"

5 decembrie 2018 10:50

These guys are my go to place for office lunch in the area. They are consistently good in price and taste. I recommend the main menu, since it's very varied and has options.
Place can be quite crowded at 12 o clock, so beware, even though I always found room
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Marius Mucenicu
17 octombrie 2018 09:20

Food is great overall, friendly staff, prices are decent (I'd say a bit higher than what an average joint would tax for the same thing, but the quality is there). I'd love if they'd changed those plain wooden chairs with something a bit more comfy, it's not the 50's anymore. At least a cushion would be an improvement.
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Tiber Septim
20 iulie 2018 00:36

I was here with a couple of friends for some pasta and we were greeted by a friendly guy that was polite and helpful. Every one of us ordered something else and we all liked the food and the drinks. While we all appreciated the fresh air coming from a big open window, we did not like the pesky flies trying to eat our dinner.
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Flavia Tuduce
5 decembrie 2018 11:39

I usually come here for lunch with coworkers. The restaurant offers a daily lunch, with 3 choices for main course, as the soup is on the house.

I have tried a couple of their dishes, I have mostly always enjoyed the food served here. I can recommend their Pollo alla Parmigiana(Chicken with Parmesan crust), Penne Quattro Formaggi, Risotto.

The only dishes I cannot recommend are the Pasta Bolognese and Tomato Soup. The meat used for them was clearly from a can, and it was cut in cubes and had a bit of sauce put over it. Quite horrible. The tomato soup, from the taste, it was just bored out of a can as well and seasoned a bit. But these were the only 2 dishes I disliked.

Even though the place is packed during lunch, the staff are quite efficient and fast in their service. We don't usually have to wait long for them to take our order. It's also nice that they have an open kitchen and you can see the cooks making your food.

In general, the place does serve great food, but there are a few instances when they might fail. The dishes are usually priced fairly, but they do have some more expensive dishes in my opinion, like the duck or seafood ones.
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Robert Tanase
13 august 2018 17:37

Food is pretty good here.
You can have pizza and pasta, Italian food.
They have a good apple juice.
Prices are moderate .
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