Bistro Engels

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Strada Amoş Frâncu 1, Cluj

Bistro Engels

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Preț Moderat
Strada Amoş Frâncu 1, Cluj
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Bistro Engels va pune la dispozitie o bucatarie multinationala. Este situat in cartierul Andrei Muresanu, in piata Ion Agarbiceanu, o zona linistita cu multa verdeata nu foarte departe de agitatia din centrul orasului. Prin felul in care a fost amenajat se poate spune ca s-a reusit o armonie intre stilul unei cafenele si ce al unui restaurant.

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07:30 - 00:30
10:00 - 00:30


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O Oana
26 ianuarie 2020 12:26 Rezervat în data de 21 ianuarie 2020

Servirea rea. De 2 ori a venit sa intrebe ce am comandat. Mancarea pe care am dorit sa mi-o puna la pachet mi-a trantit-o pe masa

D Diana
20 mai 2018 16:34 Rezervat în data de 19 mai 2018

16 august 2023 20:49

Located near the city center, this place have good food. The serving was quick. The staff nice and friendly. Recommend it!
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14 noiembrie 2023 12:37

Main course + drink (wine/beer) - 25lei from 18:00-21:00
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25 iulie 2023 15:34

Waiting time for food is quite long even if not crowded
Food quality is low and very pricey
Service is good, staff is nice and polite
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5 octombrie 2023 19:21

Has nothing to do with a bistro category! Rather an eatery, maybe a pub. @ lunch time, aprox. 50% occupancy, the facts:
- waited 10 min. until they asked what I want
- asked simple home made food, chicken breast with some side dish, they asked if I really can eat this much (?!)
- told them, if anything is complicated, skip it because I'm in a hurry
- asked the bill to make sure not looking for the waitress before leaving; they all went to chat @ mobile, smoking or just looking on their phone)
- after 30 min. left wih no food was served
- told them, a simple meal @ lunch time should not take this long, least they should told me; nobebody appologiesed, just looked @ me with dead eye...
Conclusion: payed 70 ron for not having a lunch, with unprofessional service... have no idea about the food, still waitting🤣
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1 august 2023 07:41

Had a private party for a family member for 23 people. We had the second floor available while the first floor was empty the whole night, something normal after the holidays. So basically we were the only guests in the house. Initially we requested that everyone will order a la carte but we were told that they cannot deliver 20 HOT plates in the same time. We ended up pre-ordering large plates for everyone to share. Food came warm not hot and the taste was pretty lame. Neither the meat, the veggies or the rice have any taste… it was disappointing because the restaurant is pretty well rated in Cluj. Myself and another guest ordered soup that came also warm and after the main course. Service was pretty fast but very unpleasant. We had 2 waitresses and we could never see them smile. Not even when they brought the 2 birthday cakes. We need not feel welcomed at all. Even one of our guest mentioned that as a joke… “those waitresses act like they’re doing you a favor”. We totally regret for booking our event at this location. We could have had a great time somewhere else!
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