Adi Steak House

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Strada Andrei Mureșanu 5, Cluj

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Bine ati venit pe Adi Steakhouse Cluj. Cu o experienta de 25 ani in domeniu culinar va aducem in fata dumneavoastra conceptul Grill, de 7 ani, în Cluj-Napoca, care este o experienta unica-speciala. Cu toate aceste retete și patrimoniul nostru va invitam sa degustati delicioasele noastre preparate. Fiecare zi este o zi speciala pentru noi!

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Attila Magyari
3 ianuarie 2019 12:52

Good food and service, but if I would rate the value for money, it's not worth it.
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Steven Ryckebosch
14 ianuarie 2019 16:56

Very nice and intimate atmosphere. Delicious steak
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Victoria Victoria
13 decembrie 2018 00:04

One of the best steaks I've ever had in my life :-) It was so good I felt like crying after eating :)))

A year after: Celebrated pre-valentines dinner date. We had red angus rib eye steak and black angus rib eye steak. They're both good. However, the black angus tenderloin steak is still our favourite. Note to self "order this again next time. You and Arthur like it" :)

Another time we ate in Adi: Tenderloin Red Angus steak is delicious ❤
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PrivacyIs Gone
16 decembrie 2018 18:53

Absolute garbage, I've eaten much better stakes in wafflehouses.

The meat is sausage-quality stuff and not aged at all (and they won't warn you about it), the chef doesn't know the kind of cuts he should use or how to cook them.
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Daniel Hadar
22 noiembrie 2018 23:44

Lovely place. Very nice atmosphere!
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