Adi Steak House

4,9 / 13 voturi
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Italiană, Internațională, Americană
Strada Andrei Mureșanu 5, Cluj

Adi Steak House

4,9 / 13 voturi
Preț Premium
Italiană, Internațională, Americană
Strada Andrei Mureșanu 5, Cluj
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Bine ati venit pe Adi Steakhouse Cluj. Cu o experienta de 25 ani in domeniu culinar va aducem in fata dumneavoastra conceptul Grill, de 7 ani, în Cluj-Napoca, care este o experienta unica-speciala. Cu toate aceste retete și patrimoniul nostru va invitam sa degustati delicioasele noastre preparate. Fiecare zi este o zi speciala pentru noi!

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4,9 / 13 voturi
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15 iulie 2022 20:40 Rezervat în data de 15 iulie 2022

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10 octombrie 2020 22:21 Rezervat în data de 10 octombrie 2020

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3 septembrie 2020 09:39 Rezervat în data de 2 septembrie 2020

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3 octombrie 2017 13:42 Rezervat în data de 2 octombrie 2017

6 ianuarie 2022 23:43

If you like beef, don't miss this place.
You will find here a nice and very friendly personnel.
The rib eye stake is amazing and the Mangalița pork shoulder does not have competition.
I would have one small request to Adi's team: Please add the Creme brulee to the desert menu.
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18 iunie 2021 08:41

Probably the best steakhouse in town. Meat is wonderfully cooked and the waiters treat you very nice, offering all the information you need. The prices are extremely high, way above the market so visiting this place is more like a "once in a lifetime" experience. I believe this is why the 4 of us were the only customers in the restaurant at 7 PM on a Tuesday. Would recommend this place if "money are kicking you out of the house"
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31 martie 2022 17:17

Their steaks taste good and soft.
The staff who attends to us is hospitable.
She recommends their best. Don't miss, when in cluj napoca.
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3 septembrie 2022 11:23

Best steak in the city! 🤤
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26 februarie 2020 21:20

Good service, good ambiance, perfect place for a perfectly cooked T-bone or you're choose of beef. After all this is a steak house. I've been looking around the city for a steak house. Found few places. But nothing like Adi Steakhouse
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