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Palatul Justiţiei 60, Tineretului, București

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Printre putinele restaurante deschise NON-STOP, restaurantul ZET are o bucatarie traditionala si internationala. Vinuri bune, cocktail-uri si multe altele

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M A B jimmy
5 decembrie 2018 20:56

Very nice place with billered tables and bowling is also available..Bar and Resturent neat and clean.
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Justin Lukasavige
17 august 2018 17:11

Beware the mosquitoes. Only one other woman was at the restaurant but it took a while to get food. The food was really good however.
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21 mai 2018 22:46

Best food in town. Fast service. Non-stop. Cheap. Not crowded. I love it!
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Stefan Gheorghe
20 mai 2018 01:17

The location of the restaurant is hidden, not on big boulevards. The food is good , prices are average but ok. The service was fast and waiters friendly.

I like it because it is 24 h open and at 1 am or 2 am is empty or 1 table occupied.
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mihaela mihaela
5 iulie 2018 03:30

Not the best , but is non stop so better eat there than a lame fast food
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