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Palatul Justiţiei 60, Tineretului, București

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Printre putinele restaurante deschise NON-STOP, restaurantul ZET are o bucatarie traditionala si internationala. Vinuri bune, cocktail-uri si multe altele

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Sorin Susnea
12 ianuarie 2019 17:47

Haven't been here in a while and was really impressed. While I wasn't expecting much considering the previous visit, which was years ago, I was very pleasantly surprised with the great food and the very welcoming staff. Great job, keep it going!
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30 martie 2019 02:16

nice service, food was what i've asked for
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Dragos Carp
9 februarie 2019 16:15

The fact that it's "non-stop" helps a lot!! After a night out in the "old town" you can stop here and have a great meal with some great service...
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M A B jimmy
5 decembrie 2018 20:56

Very nice place with billered tables and bowling is also available..Bar and Resturent neat and clean.
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Tommy Rogers
30 ianuarie 2019 06:26

My girlfriend accidentally left her phone on the table, under the menu while we went to the ATM machine because their card processor wasn't working. Upon returning, we found out that they had stolen the phone. The only people in the restaurant was 3 workers.
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