Palatul Justiţiei 60, Centru, București

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Printre putinele restaurante deschise NON-STOP, restaurantul ZET are o bucatarie traditionala si internationala. Vinuri bune, cocktail-uri si multe altele

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maria daniela
21 mai 2018 22:46

Best food in town. Fast service. Non-stop. Cheap. Not crowded. I love it!
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Stefan Gheorghe
20 mai 2018 01:17

The location of the restaurant is hidden, not on big boulevards. The food is good , prices are average but ok. The service was fast and waiters friendly.

I like it because it is 24 h open and at 1 am or 2 am is empty or 1 table occupied.
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1 mai 2018 14:43

Used to go there a lot until they changed they waiters. Last time I had to get up 2 times because nobody was checking my table and the restaurant was mostly empty. The staff is serving like they don't have a care in the world. They move like slugs and sometimes forget parts of your order. This happened to me multiple times so I'm not setting foot in that place again.
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Gabriel Ursu
11 aprilie 2018 14:02

Ordered a spanish omlette. The food was mediocre to bad. It looked and tasted bad and it took way too long for the food to be served. The waiters were incredibly slow, even though the restaurant wasn’t even half full. I don’t recommend it.
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Paul de lange
29 ianuarie 2018 17:04

One can enjoy a sugared in the heated PARC pavilion, super
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