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Palatul Justiţiei 60, Unirii, București
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Printre putinele restaurante deschise NON-STOP, restaurantul ZET are o bucatarie traditionala si internationala. Vinuri bune, cocktail-uri si multe altele

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Dinulescu Laurentiu
18 iunie 2019 20:30

non stop kitchen with huge meals at super prices , good serving , very intimate loved it
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Sorin Susnea
12 ianuarie 2019 17:47

Haven't been here in a while and was really impressed. While I wasn't expecting much considering the previous visit, which was years ago, I was very pleasantly surprised with the great food and the very welcoming staff. Great job, keep it going!
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Mihai Stefanca
5 mai 2019 19:15

Good place and good food, totally recommend the place
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30 martie 2019 02:16

nice service, food was what i've asked for
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Dragos Carp
9 februarie 2019 16:15

The fact that it's "non-stop" helps a lot!! After a night out in the "old town" you can stop here and have a great meal with some great service...
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