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Smârdan 30, Centrul vechi, București

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Bound este un lounge localizat la adresa Smârdan numărul 30. Deschis zilnic între orele 00:00 - 00:00.

La Bound te poți bucura de unele din cele mai bune preparate cu specific american.

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Păreri despre "Bound"

Andreea Bebe
22 iulie 2018 15:27

Loved it! Best pub in Old City Bucharest! Yummy drinks and best range of music topped up with lovely rattan furniture in the outdoor sitting area . Good fun! I Highly recommend this place.
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Ali Standley
7 octombrie 2018 17:56

It's a good place but the server was extremely rude about the tip. We gave him all of our change towards the tip, which accounted for 9% out of the suggested 10% and he argued with us about not giving enough. Considering its optional to pay a tip, it's not good business to argue over a few lei when you've been given a 9% tip anyway.
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Matei Duca
27 septembrie 2018 14:40

Good service but by midnight they started to have a music volume war with the one beside it.
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Victor Lerescu
7 septembrie 2018 02:31

Nice bar beverages,food it's ok ,nothing special but it's good.The main trouble is that the outside tabels are too small and it is a little bit cramped.Overall it's a nice place.
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Hans Christian Lehmann Plett
3 iunie 2018 23:23

Very much for tourists and local trouble. But if you like a place with loud music, a little too busy staff, fast girls and guys with broad shoulders - it’s the place to be. It’s an experience!
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