Xclusive Grill & Crêpes

Strada Lipscani 36, Centrul vechi, București

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Xclusive Grill & Crêpes, vă asteapta in noua locaţie din strada Smârdan numărul 18 din Centrul Vechi al capitalei.

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Păreri despre "Xclusive Grill & Crêpes"

James Dooley
28 martie 2019 16:00

It's a pretty good "on the route" stop-for-a-snack (or full meal!) place when wondering downtown. Fast, easy, convenient. Friendly, English speaking staff. Outdoor and indoor seating is generally available, weather permitting, and they do have gas heaters and individual blankets for outdoor, colder months comfort!
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Amy Stow
6 aprilie 2019 10:51

There are 2 of these literally around the corner from each other. They both have people outside encouraging you to come in and eat there. We sat outside as it was a lovely day. The menu is huge, so it takes time to decide what to have. Service is a bit slow given there was a few people around. Food was fine, nothing special but good enough for lunch. Prices are reasonable.
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Cristian Ionuț Necula
17 aprilie 2019 10:42

The service wasn’t as bad as people say in the reviews. It did take a while for the food to arrive, but didn’t feel like we waited for ages. At the end of the day, how fast can a meal be cooked?
The prices were too high for what they offered. The burgers were dry and had such massive buns that I felt like I ate an entire loaf of bread with barely anything in it; the contents of the burger were far from generous (the burger patty, a few tomato, onion and pickle slices and ketchup) although the menu claimed more than that, including mustard and garlic sauce. I’ve had better food in cheap pubs.
The drinks were overpriced, too. 9lei for a small soft drink. The draught house beer wasn’t too bad, but tasted very similar to common beer brands.
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Hristina Docheva
22 martie 2019 11:23

The food was great and the staff was very polite and smiley, I would definitely go there again. There are electric heaters and blankets outside, so even if the weather is not good you'll still be comfortable. They have a big variety of food and drinks and it will fit everyone's preferences.
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Dinko Dešković
28 aprilie 2019 23:28

The food is decent. Good in quantity, not bad in taste.
Disappointed is when me as tourist was fooled I had to pay tip (10, 15 or 20% depending how I am pleased) like it is paid like table service in some countries.
Problem is that for a bill of 100 RON I would have no problem to pay 10 RON but if my bill is 500 I am not comfortable to pay 50 RON.
Also I hate modus operandi where they as rule after ordering food they are pushing you to buy more drinks. And finally they deliver ordered food when all folks say they will not take any more drinks before eating.
First and last time there!
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