Xclusive Grill & Crêpes

Strada Lipscani 36, Centrul vechi, București

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Xclusive Grill & Crêpes, vă asteapta in noua locaţie din strada Smârdan numărul 18 din Centrul Vechi al capitalei.

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Păreri despre "Xclusive Grill & Crêpes"

Ludovic-Stefan Kocsis
22 decembrie 2018 12:29

Nice and helpful serving staff, rich menu to choose from, cozy atmosphere, decent music, clean tables. PR staff outside in the street to convince you to come inside, in an area full of restaurants, bars and clubs. The plates look good, but the quality of the food is poor, and the taste is wrong. The garlic dishes are made using Chinese garlic, the flavors are not the right ones. The boiled wine also had a poor taste.
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2 ianuarie 2019 15:55

Good foods, good location (in the heart of the historic town) and good services.
Try the crepes of you get the chance (they have both salty & sweet). There are also traditional Romanian foods (try the steaks and sausage).
You can smoke "inside" because there's a special area set up.
The bathrooms are clean, the atmosphere good and the prices in line with the other restaurants / pubs in the area.
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12 ianuarie 2019 22:30

We have ordered a burger and crepes. The burger was hard, extremely salted, dry - no sauce whatsoever, just a tiny salad leaf, sunked in a tomato slice. The salmon and cheese crepes was cold, the cheese was anything but creamy. The waiting time was very long (almost 1 hour). The servers were polite and professional.
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Adrian Morariu
14 februarie 2019 16:21

nice place and good food. I went with my family and i like it. Its great restaurant to eat.
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Eddy Silas
12 februarie 2019 13:53

Terrible food, terrible service. We ordered from a ride guy who thinks it's ok not to answer customers and not answering when we say thank you to him. But when the bill came, he took his time explaining servitude is not included. How rude can someone be? NEVER GO THERE.
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