Xclusive Grill & Crêpes

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Strada Lipscani 36, Centrul Vechi, București

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Xclusive Grill & Crêpes, vă asteapta in noua locaţie din strada Smârdan numărul 18 din Centrul Vechi al capitalei.

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T Teodora
10 ianuarie 2021 19:52 Rezervat în data de 10 ianuarie 2021

11 octombrie 2020 13:13

Nice place to go for breakfast. Good vibes and pretty stuff. Finally found a nice place! The prices are fair for the location and quality.
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15 noiembrie 2020 18:12

2 times there.. 1st time the waiter didn't care about my table at all, even after I finished eating - drinking. The only think he said is to let him Tips. Probably thats how they work here, tips are giving more than the salary.
2nd time, the waiter (not the same) forgot my order for about 1 hour. At least he was kind enough to say sorry.
My question here. Should I let tips now?
Food is good the only thing was the service.
Let's hope I was just unlucky those 2 times. I'll try again.
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27 noiembrie 2020 14:07

We like this restaurant, reasonable price, very tasty grills and pleasant service.
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7 noiembrie 2020 20:50

Very good location, good choices of food and drinks with reasonable prices and very good and friendly service.
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15 februarie 2020 22:22

Just don't! The prices are over the old town average. The food is not as good as you expect. And the waiters are asking for tip between 10% and 20% even if you pay by card or you just consider they don't deserve it (because they really don't!!!) Just find another place to eat, it will be better for sure!
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