Xclusive Grill & Crêpes

Strada Lipscani 36, Centrul Vechi, București
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Xclusive Grill & Crêpes, vă asteapta in noua locaţie din strada Smârdan numărul 18 din Centrul Vechi al capitalei.

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Păreri despre "Xclusive Grill & Crêpes"

michael meade
22 iulie 2019 16:14

Appalling service. Rude. Slow. Lazy. Bored and uninterested looking. Arrogant. No sign of any management. Food terrible. My wife had a vegetarian burger which was a joke it was so bad. Staff sit at tables next to you smoking, playing with their phones and in one case looking high on drugs. Survives on its corner location only .unless it's a money laundering outfit. AVOID at all costs! I have been traveling through Europe for the last 10 weeks and it is unquestionably the worst place I have been to.
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James Myers
31 iulie 2019 13:47

I have never been to a restaurant in Europe where you finish a glass of wine and they take it without asking if you want more. I wanted more. Had the smoked meat which had potential but was far too salty to enjoy. The other comments that talk about a hostess trying to bark at people to get them to come in are correct, as are those that describe the wait staff smoking and joking (literally) so that it seems an inconvenience to ask them for anything. I got sucked into a tourist trap. Could be a good place.
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Zdravko Dimitrov
15 august 2019 13:47

The service was good although took some time. But the meat is far away from my expectations. If you are a gourmet type - run away. I could agree with other remark that this is a trap for tourists.
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Dario Bazzanella
6 iunie 2019 22:22

It’s the touristic area of the city, so we are not talking about an hidden gem to discover, BUT…the food was really good, the staff nice and efficient and the price was honest. The nice part of the lunch is sitting outside and watch life going on around you. Nobody rushed us to free the table, another good plus to the place.
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Albastrelu Viorel
27 iunie 2019 10:47

On my last visit there, the customer service was mediocre. Drinks were served relatively quick but food came in almost an hour. We served some burger and they were poorly made. The bun was falling apart, the whole burger was cold already and not very tasty overall. Cannot recommend it
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