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Xclusive Grill & Crêpes

Strada Lipscani 36, Centrul Vechi, București
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Xclusive Grill & Crêpes, vă asteapta in noua locaţie din strada Smârdan numărul 18 din Centrul Vechi al capitalei.

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15 februarie 2020 22:22

Just don't! The prices are over the old town average. The food is not as good as you expect. And the waiters are asking for tip between 10% and 20% even if you pay by card or you just consider they don't deserve it (because they really don't!!!) Just find another place to eat, it will be better for sure!
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5 ianuarie 2020 10:32

Pretty bad food and service. Not the worst place I've been to but its pretty close.
The "medium" thickness hit chocolate was a coloured water with some cream on top. The grilled food was ok but everything else we ate was terrible. If you can, avoid the police at all costs.
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27 decembrie 2019 20:10

Had a beer and food here, the service was average (from what I expect) but it may be good for Romina, the jury is still out. Anyway we ordered two mains with two sides. The two mains turn up and only one side, but actually we were glad as the portions were large and quite tasty. Would I go back here, yes possibly, so don't avoid it if you want simple food and want to sit outside in winter.
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20 februarie 2020 19:07

The food was decent and came with quite a bit. The service was quick. Wouldn’t mind going back but wasn’t my favorite place.
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14 decembrie 2019 00:52

I had a fun time here on their heated patio. It was NOT due to their crepes. You’d think they’d have a wider selection since the word ‘crepe’ is in their name but noooo. Mulled wine - excellent. Service - pretty good. Eighties soundtrack - perfecto!! Crepes no thank you. Dry and boring and they charge you for ketchup. Maybe it’s my fault for needing ketchup for my less than savoury crepe. So, If you’re looking for crepes, maybe not. If you’re looking for a fun way to spend a few hours - why not?
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