Trinity College Pub

Șelari 9-11, Centrul Vechi, București

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Cauti un local misto in care sa te distrezi cu prietenii in weekend? Trinity este locatia ideala pentru distractie! Organizam cele mai tari petreceri si seri de Karaoke foarte reusite. Trinity este un local destinat studentilor si tinerilor de gasca, ce vor sa petreaca timp de calitate cu prietenii si colegii. Experienta Trinity este o reusita garantata, dorita angajatilor si clientilor foarte sociabili si plini de amabilitate. In plus, preturile sunt studentesti si meniul foarte diversificat! Va asteptam la Trinity, cel mai tare club din centrul istoric!

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Mandeep Jagpal
12 septembrie 2017 16:02

Great option for those looking for a few drinks, decent food at a place with a lively atmosphere and good service.

I visited on a Saturday afternoon with 3 friends for drinks and food. We ordered 2 chilli burgers (nice) and 2 pizzas (OK) and were served by the wonderful Alex. She was extremely friendly and attentive, making our experience extremely enjoyable.

In terms of drinks, their white Russian is fantastic.
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Ilya Noskov
14 octombrie 2017 16:03

rude staff, was waiting for an hour for just two burgers and fries. This is ridiculous, my money could have been spent better elsewhere!
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Popescu Alexandru
9 septembrie 2017 17:55

With the foreigners the staff isfriendly, Romanian men offen treated not very nice!
As a young woman almost all is permitted!No dress code, climb the walls even and dance hanging if you can, free drinks etc.
2 restrooms and very small, never clean.
Incidents are never tolerated and troublemakers are immediately thrown out.
The place is very small and not fit for large groups.
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Andrea Jex
24 iulie 2017 16:26

VERY rude staff, mediocre to poor food. So many other great places to go in Bucharest. Give this one a miss.
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Marius Slav
26 iulie 2017 07:48

Like the Watters.:)..they through my food on the floor, but still like the place ...friendly staff and good food, recommended for you guys ;)
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