Trinity College Pub

Șelari 9-11, Centrul Vechi, București
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Cauti un local misto in care sa te distrezi cu prietenii in weekend? Trinity este locatia ideala pentru distractie! Organizam cele mai tari petreceri si seri de Karaoke foarte reusite. Trinity este un local destinat studentilor si tinerilor de gasca, ce vor sa petreaca timp de calitate cu prietenii si colegii. Experienta Trinity este o reusita garantata, dorita angajatilor si clientilor foarte sociabili si plini de amabilitate. In plus, preturile sunt studentesti si meniul foarte diversificat! Va asteptam la Trinity, cel mai tare club din centrul istoric!

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Adelina Brasoveanu
26 mai 2019 10:30

They make the prices as they like. One of my friends took a shot of 4 shots that she paid 80 RON and she did not give her a bill and when another girl went to take a turn, they asked for 100 RON. I asked the waiter for a menu and told me they do not have one. It's not the first time I go to this pub, but it was definitely the last time.
I do not recommend!!!!
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24 aprilie 2019 14:47

Overall, an ok place to go out with friends or discover Bucharest's Old Town.
The place is neat, spotless actually, the bathrooms are clean and the service is fast. The staff is helpful, polite and speaks English.
There are some tables outside and frankly, they're more enjoyable; the inside seating is more somber, dark even, making a sunny day not that wonderful.
The overall quality and experience is OK, the only thing missing being more beverage variety.
The prices are high, but that's the trend in the Old Town.
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We Do Film
11 iulie 2019 20:54

Nice staff. Fast service. Good prices.
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Mafer vg
22 aprilie 2019 00:01

I love the strawberry daiquiri, wish they can offer more varieties on snacks, really well music, prices were ok. Customer service need little bit of attention. Like the cleaning bathroom.
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Vladimir Levachyov
15 mai 2019 05:45

Speaking as a Brit; we came here to try out the night life. We looked inside, the bar was full of ladies, dancing. My brother, who's single, thought that this was great, he could have a chat with someone.
Turns out - they're hired dancers, there to simply entice in the men. It couldn't be more obvious. They're given free drinks by the bar staff, some of them even walk behind the bar to get their things, or whatever. Some of these ladies (dressed up to the nines) even start clearing the odd empty drink. I guess old habits die hard.
This practice is actually completely rife in the whole of the Old Town at night. Anywhere you go in, there are working girls trying to make the place look full and fun.
Obviously we don't only go out "to pull" but this fakery can really spoil your night.

What else is there to say... It's extremely LOUD. Speaking as a former bar staff member and having worked in nightclubs... dangerous levels of decibels, actually. The only place that the volume was more reasonable was whilst standing outside. Clearly designed to draw people in from outside... Once you're in, you better hope that you're not prone to tinnitus... Forget having a conversation with anyone.

Drinks - pricey but to an extent you do expect that in the Old Town. Still, a fiver (five quid or 25 lei/RON) for a drink - that's London prices!

Long story short - a classic tourist trap. Simple as that.
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