Trinity College Pub

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Șelari 9-11, Centrul Vechi, București

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Cauti un local misto in care sa te distrezi cu prietenii in weekend? Trinity este locatia ideala pentru distractie! Organizam cele mai tari petreceri si seri de Karaoke foarte reusite. Trinity este un local destinat studentilor si tinerilor de gasca, ce vor sa petreaca timp de calitate cu prietenii si colegii. Experienta Trinity este o reusita garantata, dorita angajatilor si clientilor foarte sociabili si plini de amabilitate. In plus, preturile sunt studentesti si meniul foarte diversificat! Va asteptam la Trinity, cel mai tare club din centrul istoric!

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C Claudia
7 decembrie 2019 23:01 Rezervat în data de 7 decembrie 2019

30 septembrie 2020 01:01

Scams galore, The bar staff make up prices as they like and skim the profit. You can't pay by card so they pocket the cash. Spirits are watered down. Please avoid this place.
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29 februarie 2020 02:29

We ordered drinks and they brought us drinks we didn't order and he asked us to pay and we did but afterwards he insisted to give him tips.i asked him if I am obligated to give him tips and he said yes but I didn't accept it.. later on I ordered 9 shots the same once that a local guy took but the difference was that I had to pay like twice as much.worst experience I've ever had I felt like all they wanna do is Rob you.DO NOT GO there unless u don't care getting robbed.
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19 octombrie 2019 21:29

Good dance music, a mix of old and new hits, lively party atmosphere and friendly staff. Loved it!
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22 ianuarie 2020 16:16

They have good music but it s very crowded. The drinks are decent, I was expected them to be very good considering their price
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26 mai 2019 10:30

They make the prices as they like. One of my friends took a shot of 4 shots that she paid 80 RON and she did not give her a bill and when another girl went to take a turn, they asked for 100 RON. I asked the waiter for a menu and told me they do not have one. It's not the first time I go to this pub, but it was definitely the last time.
I do not recommend!!!!
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