Trinity College Pub

Șelari 9-11, Centrul vechi, București

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Cauti un local misto in care sa te distrezi cu prietenii in weekend? Trinity este locatia ideala pentru distractie! Organizam cele mai tari petreceri si seri de Karaoke foarte reusite. Trinity este un local destinat studentilor si tinerilor de gasca, ce vor sa petreaca timp de calitate cu prietenii si colegii. Experienta Trinity este o reusita garantata, dorita angajatilor si clientilor foarte sociabili si plini de amabilitate. In plus, preturile sunt studentesti si meniul foarte diversificat! Va asteptam la Trinity, cel mai tare club din centrul istoric!

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Michael Rice
13 decembrie 2018 00:14

I ordered food here, they brought it in from outside, not sure where they got it from. The guy outside recommend the fajita so I ordered that. Appearance was shocking, it looked like a microwave dish, next thing I sampled the food and it was cold, I told the waiter and she was rude then I told her I didn't want a cold meal and she told me to wait, then I seen her take the meal to the microwave near the bar, at this point I realised it actually was a microwave meal and decided I did not want this meal. Tonight I have returned here for a beer and they told us they had no local beers and would only sell us expensive corona beer, soon after we seen people getting sold the local beer. Avoid this place if possible. Staff also not bothered to try to resolve the issue
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Ana Munteanu
19 decembrie 2018 19:56

very unfriendly staff.. they started telling me i have no respect for using the credit card at the bar.. and that i should go to the atm to bring him cash. Would not recommend!
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Raul Romera Rodriguez
13 decembrie 2018 00:03

They just want to sell you the most expensive because you are a tourist
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Marcela Vulpe
3 noiembrie 2018 02:43

Good atmosphere but the staff could be more friendly
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Yaniv Lev-Ari
10 octombrie 2018 01:53

Good food, good prices, huge tea pot:)
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