Taverna Covaci

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Covaci 1, Centrul Vechi, București

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Conceptul nostru va permite sa aveti parte nu numai de mancare buna, ci si de seri cu muzica live, diverse petreceri la care sa luati parte impreuna cu prietenii dumneavoastra.

Serile petrecute in cadrul locatiei noastre nu sunt doar simple iesiri in oras, ci ne dorim sa fie motive de destindere, voie-bune, distractie.

De aceea dorim sa va surprindem cat mai placut cu invitatii nostrii din diferite zone ale muzicii sau trupe special dedicate restaurantului nostru, diferiti artisti.

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Evelina Lorentzon
23 noiembrie 2017 00:34

A tourist trap but for good reason. Covaci serves really nice classic Romanian food. We tried the grill platter and various dishes with cheese. Everything was a delicious. However, the meat is served well done so if you don't like that, stitch to skewers and sausages that range from rate to medium-rare. As in most Romanian cuisine, they leave out the sauces so order those on the side.
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liv ics
27 ianuarie 2018 18:53

The food was good. The thing is we were a big group and didn't count our drinks so the price at the end kinda looked too much for what we consumed.
So pay attention to that.

Another thing is that the live singers had money holding their mics as a way to showing to people that they have to give money to them if they sing.
One was really asking for money in fact from a customer which I found pretty rude

But the food was good and serving was nice and we didn't wait too long for the food
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Andrew Ciubotariu
19 martie 2018 04:06

A good place to gave some traditional Romanian food, and if you catch them In a good end of the day, you'll get live music and a great feel of a meal in a Romanian style.
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maria gonzalez
10 martie 2018 11:13

We tried a plate for two px with some typical meat. We could not finish it, as there was plenty of meat. Nice place.
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Alisa Manofu
27 august 2017 11:12

I visited this place many times last year. The food was tasty and the prices acceptable. Now, I've visited them again, I was surprised that we could find a table immediately. There is a reason for that, the food is not the same, the dishes I liked before have an awful taste now. More over the prices are 30-40%higher than last year. I cannot understand why the prices are higher now as the quality of the food is at the lowest level. The glass was dirty, the basket for food is extremely dirty. The only good part here is the staff who is very nice and friendly. Definitely I won't come back here and I'm not going to recommend this place.
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