Taverna Covaci

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Covaci 1, Centrul Vechi, București

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Conceptul nostru va permite sa aveti parte nu numai de mancare buna, ci si de seri cu muzica live, diverse petreceri la care sa luati parte impreuna cu prietenii dumneavoastra.

Serile petrecute in cadrul locatiei noastre nu sunt doar simple iesiri in oras, ci ne dorim sa fie motive de destindere, voie-bune, distractie.

De aceea dorim sa va surprindem cat mai placut cu invitatii nostrii din diferite zone ale muzicii sau trupe special dedicate restaurantului nostru, diferiti artisti.

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Staffan Mossberg
13 iunie 2018 10:52

This was one of the most disappointing restaurant experiences I've ever had. I was dining alone and all the smaller tables had the worst positions in the room. I was sat next to the kitchen entrance which at least should have afforded me good service since I was highly visible to the staff, but no. The kitchen forgot my order and I was about to pay for my drinks and leave after 45 minutes, but then a writer finally showed up to let me know that I would have my food in two minutes. That was obviously not going to happen since nothing ever takes only "two minutes" in those situations. It took another 15 minutes. If dining with friends or family all this might not be a problem, but making a guest who is dining alone wait for over an hour is not OK. The service didn't improve after I had finished the meal either. Still no attention from the staff, so I walked over to the counter to pay, which also took some time since no waiter was to be seen. For those who wonder, the food was OK. Nothing to write home about, but adequate. My recommendation: go somewhere else to eat.
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Alex Cojocaru
28 iunie 2018 15:07

A good place to have a meal with company. There is a distinctly ethnic feel about the place relative to the decor, the food and the service. Overall, a good dining experience, pleasant ethnic music and the occasional live musician who interacts with the crowd for special occasions such as birthdays. The food is a bit pricey and the service is slightly slower than I would prefer, but it's well worth it for the quality of the food and the experience.
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Siavash Seyedin
27 mai 2018 22:50

We had traditional soup and a traditional pork stew. The food was yum. Atmosphere and decoration are so beautiful and Romanians style. It's a pricey restaurant in heart of old town. Cards accepted in here.
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Radu Dumitru
24 aprilie 2018 16:20

Decent food, decent prices. Good for a quick bite if you want to try "traditional" food, but don't expect anything extraordinary. The terrace is right on the street so it can be noisy.
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Gulnar Erkman
19 iunie 2018 16:35

We were happy with traditional food and service..Also we paid a reasonable bill..
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