The Vintage Pub

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Smârdan 43, Centrul Vechi, București
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Situat in centrul istoric al Bucurestiului, pe strada Smardan la nr 43, "THE VINTAGE PUB" va ofera o atmosfera calduroasa, voie buna si ambianta muzicala. Deschis zilnic, pub-ul are o capacitate de aproximativ 200 de locuri in interior, plus o terasa de peste 200 de locuri (vara). "THE VINTAGE PUB" poate fi locul unde sa sarbatoriti, sa petreceti, sau doar sa pierdeti ceva vreme cu un prieten caruia nu aveti nimic sa-i spuneti, in fata unei beri racoroase. Vinul, cafeaua si cocktail-urile pot fi o alternativa foarte buna in timp ce patronul se crede inca dansator si urca pe bar dupa o buna doza de shot-uri.

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Isabela Mustata
3 august 2019 22:38

If you are searching for a place to have fun, definitely The Vintage is the perfect choice. They have a good DJ and the staff is very friendly.
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Louis Bud
14 iulie 2019 01:54

Disgraceful bouncers, used brutal force and pepper spray for absolutely no reason, avoid this club at all costs. If the bouncers weren’t bad enough you’ll see how sh*t the DJ aswell as the atmosphere is. I pity anyone that visits this hell hole
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Vizitiv Anna
19 iulie 2019 17:01

Long drink cocktail was delicious!
I stood at the patio and inside was full and you did not have a place to dance.
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Andreea Luca
1 iulie 2019 00:08

Pros: The music and vibe are great, they must put effort to get great DJs to keep the momentum going! Pretty cosy interior design, very attentive and quick bartenders. I can't judge the crowd, some trashy beacons around but this style is quite celebrated in Old Town Square..CONs: Toilets! Really small and basic and it looks rather promiscous if not dirty..NO Card payment and too many bodygyards displaying a gruelsome and intimidating presence while they watch the crowd dancing right behind their necks..They freaked me out..they shouldn't be so visible..
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Adina Netedu
3 aprilie 2019 11:23

Good vibe, nice staff, great music
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