The Vintage Pub

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Smârdan 43, Centrul Vechi, București

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Situat in centrul istoric al Bucurestiului, pe strada Smardan la nr 43, "THE VINTAGE PUB" va ofera o atmosfera calduroasa, voie buna si ambianta muzicala. Deschis zilnic, pub-ul are o capacitate de aproximativ 200 de locuri in interior, plus o terasa de peste 200 de locuri (vara). "THE VINTAGE PUB" poate fi locul unde sa sarbatoriti, sa petreceti, sau doar sa pierdeti ceva vreme cu un prieten caruia nu aveti nimic sa-i spuneti, in fata unei beri racoroase. Vinul, cafeaua si cocktail-urile pot fi o alternativa foarte buna in timp ce patronul se crede inca dansator si urca pe bar dupa o buna doza de shot-uri.

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Andrei Vladescu
21 martie 2018 18:26

Good music. Decent prices. Very crowded
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Purdea Raul
26 ianuarie 2018 03:11

One of my favorite places in Bucharest, if you’re going out just to have fun and to get drunk that’s the perfect place. The prices are pretty good, the music also is good, alot of party people and beautiful girls who want to have fun.
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nyo print
13 februarie 2018 17:35

Do not even think that if you order a cocktail you'll get full recipe. ( for example: Long Island Ice Tea have 5 spirits, but there has only 3, if you don't check it when he is making it ) I've been a few times and it becomes worst and worst. You can wait forever to get a drink anyway , especially if you didn't tip the bartender with at least 50% of the drink's price. If you are a tourist, they will have other prices for you, bigger, of course.
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Gabriel Trifan
7 martie 2018 13:11

Me and 5 friends of mine went to this club Sunday night at 23:00 pm.We had a reservation for 6 people but only 3 of us fit on the sofa and the rest of us had to stand.The bartender wasan't friendly at all with us and he always took the menu from our table and we had to keep asking for it.We drinked 1 bottle of vodka 1 beer and 2 box of orange juice and we paid almost 100euro which is pretty much.We left after 1 hour of staying there because we didn't like the atmosphere and after I paid the bartender comes after me and tells me the tips aren't included in the check and i have to give him at least 10% from the check and i refused because he wasan't friendly at all eventually he let us go.
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Jor MR
30 iulie 2017 03:11

Drinks are too expensive, it's crowded, music is too loud... This place is good only for tourists who only want to party. I don't recommend.
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