Taverna Sarbului

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Strada Tipografilor 31, Herăstrău, București

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Taverna Sarbului este un restaurant localizat la adresa Tipografilor numărul 31. Deschis zilnic între orele 09:00 - 00:00.

La Taverna Sarbului te poți bucura de unele din cele mai bune preparate cu specific american sau sârbesc.

Nota: Locul de joaca pentru copii este supravegheat de un adult mai putin pentru zilele de Luni si Marti.

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R Razvan
30 decembrie 2017 21:10 Rezervat în data de 30 decembrie 2017 prin ialoc.ro

Un loc care isi facuse un renume prin portiile uriase si atmosfera populara, a ajuns sa fie doar un loc unde mananci mancare banala la suprapret si ai de-a face cu chelneri nepoliticosi.

Iulian Andrei
8 iulie 2018 08:33

This is a review judging only from the outside, for now. The place seems to be well-organised and attracts many people because it is positioned directly near the main road, which makes it easy to access. There are no parking areas though so expect people to park on the side of the road just in case you happen to pass by. The main road is very busy so if you don't really like car/truck/tram noise i suggest going inside. Overall i rate 4/5, for now.
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Dan Mihai
2 martie 2018 10:49

It's a must visit if you want to try some traditional Balkan dishes. It's not a cheap place but you can't have this kind of quality without a decent price. The service is great with polite waiters. The food is great, with most of the ingredients being fresh, apart from the fish of course. The menu does specify which products are frozen.
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Pericles Giavasoglou
5 ianuarie 2018 22:22

Good food where meat has the main role. However all products are very well prepared and very tasty. Prices have been increased lately. However service is always very good. Live music is also a plus for taverna when it is available. Excellent place for gathering with friends and colleagues as well for celebrating. Space is big and long tables are available if case. Place to visit and to enjoy the time every time.
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Ian Silverwood
24 martie 2018 00:26

I was in Bucharest for a trip and we had a Team Lunch here. The place was great! It was very clean, and the waiters were just awesome.

We had Palinka, Mujdei and other Romania dishes, and everything was delicious. I highly recommend this place.
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Radu Bălăşoiu
5 mai 2018 14:09

Expensive and the wait is about 45-60 mins. for food. Good food. Traditional cuisine!
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