La Nostalgia

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Aleea Primo Nebiolo 1, Piața Presei Libere, București

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Restaurantul dispune de un spațiu verde natural ca o prelungire a plimbării prin Parcul Herăstrău. Discret dar totodată select și cu o terasă spațioasă, Trattoria La Nostalgia respectă definiția creată de italieni, un loc mai puțin formal, însă cu o bucătărie delicioasă, bazată pe rețete italienești, dar și pe preparate cu specific românesc.

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4,0 / 3 voturi
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C Cristina
14 septembrie 2020 08:44 Rezervat în data de 13 septembrie 2020

M Madalina
7 septembrie 2020 00:47 Rezervat în data de 4 septembrie 2020

O oaza de verdeata si nostalgie, oameni calzi si primitori, mici excelenti, pizza foarte buna, simplu si de calitate, fara fite inutile, un loc intim, minunat.

B Bernadetta
21 decembrie 2019 20:43 Rezervat în data de 21 decembrie 2019

Era puatiu, am alea sa nu stam. Parea old style. Miroasea putin a imbacsit

6 septembrie 2020 14:27

Nice place to drink your coffee. Not so good when it comes to food. Ordered a mexican pizza, got a frozen vegetables mexican mix with mozzarella and no meat at all, but a little bit hot. Also, food was brought after a long time (like 45 min) because there is only one waiter wich is also the cooker(as said by waiter herself). Caffe latte was almost transparent and glasses (for limonade) were not clean. At least, coffee was good. I guess you can't screw it up as long as a machine is doing the job. HIRE MORE PEOPLE!
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10 iulie 2020 00:45

Bruscetta and Pizza quattro formaggi were good. Service was very friendly and motivated. Wine could be better. Would give 9/10 if it would be possible ;-)
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6 iunie 2020 16:21

Good food, pleasent staff, nice vibe
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23 aprilie 2019 18:27

Food is okay and price is reasonable. However, we have a group of 16 people and it takes almost 45 mins for the last dish to come, and the waiter forget about the order. He mistakenly taken spaghetti quarto formaggi as the correct one should be the pizza one.
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8 mai 2019 17:50

I ordered home delivery. They accepted the order and my payment and told me after one hour that they do not have one of the dishes and suggested to me to accept something else which I did.
Finally the delivery arrived after 1 hour and 20 minutes and than I discovered that some items were missing. THE FOOD WAS EXPENSIVE, BAD AND COLD SO I TROW IT TO THE TRASH AND ORDERED FOOD FRO KFC
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