Suzana Ribs & Wings

Calea Rahovei 147-153, Centru, București

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Suzana Ribs & Wings este un concept de restaurant inedit în România, ce oferă un meniu variat și gustos, cu specialități texane.
Decorul si meniul deopotriva te introduc in atmosfera vestului salbatic

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Păreri despre "Suzana Ribs & Wings"

V Vlad
16 ianuarie 2018 23:51 Rezervat în data de 16 ianuarie 2018 prin

Cele mai bune coaste mancate in Bucuresti, servirea exceptionala. Recomand cu drag

Andrei Senseutchi
20 ianuarie 2018 12:38

I really like this place, it is just as it advertise itself an american restaurant.
You listen to Johnny Cash while eating the best wings in town(try the ones in soy sauce and ginger).
During the summer they also have an interior garden, which is very nice.

It's a good thing that it's not in an easy accessible place, otherwise I would be too fat.
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Mihai Petrea
21 noiembrie 2017 22:29

The place is aiming for a "Texan" feeling with country music and a specific decor. However, the prices are a bit high (about 40 lei for a portion of ribs) and the quality is not amazing. Personally I've tested better ribs at other places. But if you go here and want to eat the best ribs, then go for Suzana Ribs!

Beer is about 10 lei / glass, but there are different (group) options available and discount and you will get one for 6 lei.
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Andrei D.
11 decembrie 2017 11:39

Nice decent place. Not that big of a variety as far as the menu goes.The menu mainly consists of pork ribs and chicken wings. I had the Suzana barbeque ribs, they were fairly well prepared. They have no beef ribs.
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Diana Petrescu
11 februarie 2018 15:48

One of the best texan experiences you can have in Bucharest, but last time i was there i asked for some of the left over food to be packed in a doggie bag and the waiters never brought it to me.
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Elena P
17 februarie 2018 18:59

Wonderfull atmosphere, greate food and service. Just love it!
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