Club Fabrica

11 Iunie 50, Centru, București

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Clubul/terasa Fabrica este situat la 15 minute de mers pe jos de la Piața Unirii (pe strada 11 Iunie nr. 50) și incorporează, sub conceptul “Fabrica Urban Resort”, tot cei îi trebuie unui tânăr (și nu numai) pentru a se putea relaxa și a-și satisface pasiunile sportive urbane.

Pub-ul Fabrica este deschis pe tot parcursul anului și include: două săli principale, doua baruri complet utilate, bucatarie complet utilată, cuptor de pizza cu lemne, biliard, darts, foosball, TV, climatizare.

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C Catalin
17 iunie 2017 11:59 Rezervat în data de 15 iunie 2017 prin

Mancarea doar decenta si serviciul foarte incet. Nu e vina chelneritelor, dar sunt prea putine.

F Filip
12 martie 2017 21:46 Rezervat în data de 11 martie 2017 prin

Totul ok in afara de toalete care sunt murdare.Servirea rapida

Alin Bucur
27 mai 2017 10:46

Interesting place, especially good for groups, but two or even one person is welcomed too. They got decent price, and the food is good. The serving is kinda late, and once we had to change the seats to be observed by the staff to take our order. But, overall is a good place to hang or grab a bite. Recommend.
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AKC Egzoprostor
27 iulie 2017 16:43

Very interesting place for alternative music lovers. Parties are amazing, with thousands of people attending shows of leading Romanian and international music acts. Must see if you are in Bucharest!
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Jaime Rodriguez
21 iulie 2017 21:10

Came here for a late lunch with a friend. My friend said that when he walked by a few day prior that he was really packed and busy and looked like a lot of fun. When we went it was really slow but I'm sure it was because of the time of day.
Immediately when walking in I loved the atmosphere. The old buildings with the hanging lights and open bar. Ver inviting and open.
The service was very friendly and quick.
The food was very delicious. I had the chicken quesadilla with the watermelon limonda. All for a very fair price as well.
I really like everything about the place will be going back many times.
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Radu Dumitru
13 octombrie 2017 09:45

Nice place, relaxed atmosphere and good food.
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Melanie Silva Pereira
26 septembrie 2017 01:08

Nice place for a drink, good prices , alternative style, spacious outdoor & indoor seating .
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