B3TON RestoBar

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Bulevardul Marasesti 2B, Tineretului, București
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Industria de gusturi B3ton. Mixăm arome, construim buna dispoziție.

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G Georgiana
4 septembrie 2018 07:41 Rezervat în data de 3 septembrie 2018 prin ialoc.ro

Foarte fain, servire rapida si cheleneri draguti.

Alexandra Dumitrescu
7 noiembrie 2018 14:14

Good food, friendly staff, but unfortunately the waiting time was a bit too long (also for the drinks) and they mixed-up 2 out of 4 dishes. Otherwise, ok experience and lovely location near Carol Park.
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Marian Stamate
20 septembrie 2018 13:22

Nice place,very nice staff. Music too loud, food needs improvement.
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Valentin Mezo
25 iulie 2018 15:35

Good food for sone decent prices. The waiters were nice, even if they mixed up a little bit the order. But overall, we had a nice time and the place looks really cool inside.
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Eugen Paraschiv
14 iulie 2018 17:26

Good food overall. But, long wait times for the food and unfortunately the forks were a bit dirty. So and so.
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14 iulie 2018 19:28

The food was good, the prices enough high but the waiting time...much too long. So, don't go there when you are already hungry !
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