București-Ploiești 1A, Piața Presei Libere, București
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Aflat în Bucharest Business Park, Stradale este un nou proiect de restaurant, axat pe “street food” și “live cooking”, adresat clienților din clădirile de birouri. Stradale are în premieră în România, un Robata Grill și un cuptor Tandoor, unde se concentrează zona de live cooking din timpul prânzului.

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Lucian Grosu
12 iunie 2019 13:42

Fancy overpriced food. It's great when you don't have other options...
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Adrian Gliga
23 martie 2019 09:37

The quality of the food was in general very good but lately they cook cheap meals having the prices higher than last year.
I recommend it for the overall experience but as a recurrent option it is not viable.
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Victor Visan
5 ianuarie 2019 11:44

The food tastes like home cooked dishes. There is great variety and for all tastes/diets. The minus is the parking in the area which is really challenging. I suppose it is intented for the people working in the area. The tables are nice and big with a good view and well lit.
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Dan Tudor
30 octombrie 2018 10:46

It is a nice place for a tasty lunch during business days. Several options are always available including both cooked food and barbecue. Should note that the place can become quite crowded, especially around 13.00
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Daniel Deliu
10 mai 2019 14:37

Bad food, excess of oil and salt. Prices higher than on a luxury restaurant, for a simple cafeteria.
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