București-Ploiești 1A, Piața Presei Libere, București

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Aflat în Bucharest Business Park, Stradale este un nou proiect de restaurant, axat pe “street food” și “live cooking”, adresat clienților din clădirile de birouri. Stradale are în premieră în România, un Robata Grill și un cuptor Tandoor, unde se concentrează zona de live cooking din timpul prânzului.

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10 decembrie 2020 13:22

Nice location, diverse, the food is ok.
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13 februarie 2020 22:35

Good food, not the best place though to eat when is 12:00-13:00. Incredible queue and they just rearanged, but in worse.
After perfect lunch time, you don't get much more options to eat.
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22 octombrie 2019 17:17

Expensive and, far to many times, poor quality food. To bad, they started so good couple of years ago.
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10 decembrie 2019 13:17

The place has a really nice design & service staff.
The food though not so good and a bit expensive. Usually the grill is the only thing eatable there.
E.g. green pea soup - I was sick; mac & cheese - the mac were noodels; fries - soggy and the grilled salmon was disappointing.
Others like stradale really much and eat there daily, so decide for yourself.
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5 septembrie 2019 09:00

Expensive for the quality of food. The smell from the kitchen everywhere. Always crowded, because of lack of other options. Carreffour express opened nearby, seems a better option.
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