București-Ploiești 1A, Herăstrău, București

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Aflat în Bucharest Business Park, Stradale este un nou proiect de restaurant, axat pe “street food” și “live cooking”, adresat clienților din clădirile de birouri. Stradale are în premieră în România, un Robata Grill și un cuptor Tandoor, unde se concentrează zona de live cooking din timpul prânzului.

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Paul G Calin
24 iulie 2018 22:28

I would have rated zero stars but i can't! The reason is the lack of respect of the "so called" Flavours's manager and how this individual understand to treat regular clients if they are not coming from big offices like Oracle for instance usually located in the A class office buildings. Flavours practice big tables reservations even the concept should have been a nice and exquisite office canteen. Reserved tables are being kept taken for a long period of time during lunch time when ussually is very crowded and for this reason regular clients are forced sometimes to wait with food trays in their hands or to be forced to take the food away... it's such a shame and lack of respect!
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Crivat Alexandru
10 iulie 2018 16:20

Bad price per quality ratio. If you are lucky you may get decent food. If not, you will get some burned dishes.
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Ciprian Stoica
8 iulie 2018 21:31

Great food, crowded at lunchtime but overall a great experience.
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Ionut Lascu
17 iulie 2018 18:10

Very tasty food but the queue is really long after 12:00.
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Maha Dennaoui
13 august 2018 14:46

Restaurantul este spațios, multe mese si echipa cat de cat bună, super!
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