St. Patrick

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Strada Smardan 23-25, Centrul vechi, București

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St. Patrick redă atmosfera plină de viață din pub-urile irlandeze în această combinație datorită clientelei și serviciilor, fiind o comunitate pentru cei care ne frecventează și o experiență plăcută pentru cei care vin pentru prima dată.

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A Alexandru
30 aprilie 2018 15:10 Rezervat în data de 29 aprilie 2018 prin

Meniul foarte diversificat de bere. Puțină gălăgie pe terasă din cauza localului de lângă. Servire foarte buna

Adrian Mihaltianu
12 octombrie 2018 06:11

Decently fast service from tired and unsmiling waiters, decent food (you should try the lamb chops, or even better, order a mixed meat plateau to go with the beer), clean, albeit not sparkly clean interior. Good choice if you want to watch some sports while drinking beer.

Avoid their awful "berea casei" that would get you drunk in no time and go for the Irish and international beers on their well-balanced menu.

Did not offer five stars because it's one of the most expensive pubs in the Old City, and you can get similar beer and food at less than 70% of the price in many other pubs in the area. You just don't get anything of value for the extra money.
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Lia Austra
6 septembrie 2018 22:02

Despite the high number of waiters roaming around, it takes minimum 15 minutes to get a beer. Consistently. They should hire someone to manage this place. Loosing money big time.
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Eyal Attias
21 septembrie 2018 18:25

Amazing burger! Finally a good burger in Romania. I recommend the double decker with the Holsten draft
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Virgil Manolache
9 mai 2018 08:10

Nice atmosphere on the floor level with good beer and good food. Worth to give it a try if you are a larger group and can share those really tasty nachos. At the underground level during weekdays it might get even cozier until 10 PM and it's a good place to watch sports games. (football , tennis etc.) During the weekends and after 11PM it might get noisier due to the fact that it'll transform into a club, but again, the atmosphere's nice.
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Carlos Cano
16 august 2018 12:08

They do have a wide variety of beers but I tried my beloved London Pride and it just didn't taste right.
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