St. Patrick

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Strada Smardan 23-25, Centrul vechi, București

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St. Patrick redă atmosfera plină de viață din pub-urile irlandeze în această combinație datorită clientelei și serviciilor, fiind o comunitate pentru cei care ne frecventează și o experiență plăcută pentru cei care vin pentru prima dată.

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A Alexandru
30 aprilie 2018 15:10 Rezervat în data de 29 aprilie 2018 prin

Meniul foarte diversificat de bere. Puțină gălăgie pe terasă din cauza localului de lângă. Servire foarte buna

Nathan Wassenberg
1 ianuarie 2019 18:03

For an Irish pub I was not disappointed. Well the one disappointing thing was they were out of Magners Cider. The Irish Nachos I ordered was very tasty and the large portion made sure I was not left hungry.

The staff was attentive and very nice.
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ioana barbu
24 noiembrie 2018 21:24

The burgers are so good and I like that they offer blankets during cold weather. They also have some things that hang from the ceiling that produce warmth. It's very nice. The beer also looks good (I ordered an aperol, but I saw that many people enjoyed it).
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Dan Willis
11 decembrie 2018 20:32

These 2 pubs are directly across the street with the same name and menu. The Bar keep is very knowledgeable with drink selections and the food is decent. Always a good time here, you may find the occasional chooch that got a divorce and drinks till he cries with regret. Easy to spot, but also funny until it happens to you. Stay frosty my friends
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Badea Valentin
23 decembrie 2018 11:30

Good place to have a few beers with friends. The food is good also.
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Alex P
25 decembrie 2018 09:16

They avoid to give you too many "offers" from the menu so most of the time they say they don't have some products or beers. The light disapears for few moments, bad building probably....average place
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