St. Patrick

Smardan 23-25, Centrul Vechi, București

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St. Patrick redă atmosfera plină de viață din pub-urile irlandeze în această combinație datorită clientelei și serviciilor, fiind o comunitate pentru cei care ne frecventează și o experiență plăcută pentru cei care vin pentru prima dată.

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Giulia Tomasi
30 decembrie 2017 18:20

I went there for a beer with some friends around 17:45 on Saturday the 30th. We sit down but as soon as we sit the waiter came and told us the table was booked for dinner at 19:30, so he asked us to leave. I said that we just wanted a quick beer and in 30' we would be done. Nonetheless he asked us again to leave. Maybe he didn't like our faces. Don't recommend. Moreover they don't have anything special, the same beers can be found in others pubs in Bucharest.
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Vasil Pagelski
31 decembrie 2017 14:55

The food was great, the service was OK. They didn't hear three people say they prefer warm water and the staff actually wrote the tip(service charge) with a pen on the bill.
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Geo T
18 ianuarie 2018 19:12

We are locals and old town is crowded with tourists so we prefere to stay out of that but we went for a Guinness and we got surpriced by the atmosphere and the crowd of people. We had a good time the Guinness beer was very good the food menu looked good so I'm sure we will come back for diner one day. I recomand this place if only for a drink is fine.
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Mario Antonio Della Giacomo
6 ianuarie 2018 12:43

A good Irish pub in the heart of the Old Town, perfect to get something to eat and a good beer, with lots of choices on the beer side. Also perfect to watch some sports if you are interested.
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Paulo Costa
13 decembrie 2017 19:10

True Irish Pub spirit... great food if you are carnivore ;) and friendly staff :)
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