St. Patrick

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Strada Smardan 23-25, Centrul Vechi, București

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St. Patrick redă atmosfera plină de viață din pub-urile irlandeze în această combinație datorită clientelei și serviciilor, fiind o comunitate pentru cei care ne frecventează și o experiență plăcută pentru cei care vin pentru prima dată.

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Mace James
25 martie 2018 18:17

Good old, well cooked, classic fish and chips. Staff were a bit too cool for cats though. But then a lot of the bars in the old town are staffed by cool people. I guess I wish I was cool too.
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Mihai Tutu
14 martie 2018 11:46

Really nice irish pub in the center of Bucharest. Prices are a bit over medium but the place is so well designed and the feeling there is great, so it really deserves your money. The staff is nice and will be there for you.
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Alex Amarandei
21 martie 2018 22:37

Great pub, and great food. Watch out for their daily promotions, like Monday's 3-for-2 beers or Wednesday's German beer promo. You should definitely give it a try.
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Paul-Christian Andrei
8 aprilie 2018 19:57

Brilliant place to be! Exquisite service, relaxing atmosphere, nice meals! Highly recommended!
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10 martie 2018 13:12

English feel to it... crammed and noisy... nice beer... but as expensive as you would have it in Bristol
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