Sing Tagma

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Strada D.I. Mendeleev 4, Piața Romană, București

Sing Tagma

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Strada D.I. Mendeleev 4, Piața Romană, București
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Un Jazz, un Blues, un vin bun, un Cocktail sau o bere rece intr-o atmosfera cum alta nu gasesti! Concerte live, proiectii, party-uri, expozitii, boardgames sau evenimente private de orice fel. Pe scurt asta se intampla la noi. Avem terasa racoroasa si WiFi deasemenea.

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C Camelia
2 mai 2022 11:24 Rezervat în data de 1 mai 2022

Atmosfera relaxata, cocktail facut cum trebuie, toate bune, revenim!

29 iulie 2023 16:59

I had a beer here on a summer evening. The price was very reasonable by local standards. Also, the service I received was very good. While, as a solo traveler, I had intentionally taken a less popular seat only to keep the good tables for couples and groups, the salesperson came over and told me to feel free to sit anywhere I liked better. I will always remember this move.
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21 ianuarie 2023 01:15

Amazingly chill place. Very friendly staff. The owner is very sweet and friendly. The blues sound is not too loud and is very comfortable to have conversations while having a glass of beer. Would 100% recommend.
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12 iulie 2023 07:27

This pub is awesome. Last night was our first time here, but it will not be our last. I wanted to visit the place because it has very good reviews on google and tripadvisor, everybody talks about the music, service, atmosphere, and good prices, and there are right. The music selection is very good, the level is just perfect so you cand enjoy it and also easily talk, and understand the person in front of you. Just keep in mind that if you normally enjoy electronic, and other genres like that, this will not be the place for you. The service was fast. Only one person, the owner, was there, and the terrace was pretty full. Our order was brought very fast, the same thing with the check. Also she found the time to talk a little with us, for what she told us, in the fall and winter, when the terrace is closed, and everybody is inside, there is also live music there. Food, there is no food, only a selection of beers, wines, cocktails, and some stronger stuff like whiskey, vodka, etc... I did not ask, but I don't think anybody will mind if you order from some other place and eat there. So that is it, if you are looking for a chill place, to grab some drinks with friends, listen to some awesome music that is not too loud, and the prices are decent, go here.
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10 noiembrie 2021 12:45

I love this place. Best pub I found in central Bucharest.

No fancy decor and no food, but the music, service and atmosphere are great.

The owner served us and was so friendly I never wanted to leave.

Show your support by going there. They've been decimated by the pandemic.
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24 septembrie 2023 13:38

Cozy place, decent prices, good beer, very attentive and friendly waitress, usually older people go there so you know it's a quiet bar.
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