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Aviator Mircea Zorileanu 89, Domenii, București

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Departe de traficul zgomotos al bulevardelor principale, in apropierea Arcului de Triumf si a Manastirii Casin, in zona linistita si boiereasca a Domeniilor, la numai 10 minute de centrul istoric, Restaurantul Seoul va asteapta sa faceti cunostinta cu una dintre cele mai sanatoase bucatarii din lume. Veti avea parte de un adevarat spectacol culinar la care puteti asista doar intr-o bucatarie coreeana

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A Andreea
28 mai 2017 17:22 Rezervat în data de 27 mai 2017 prin

Mancare foarte buna. Servire rapida si atmosfera placuta. Disponibile locuri la separeu. Cele mai interesante feluri de mancare insa trebuie comandate cu 24 -72 ore inainte

Teiia Marie Stoicescu
10 ianuarie 2019 12:57

Very intimate place, great food and the staff is very friendly and professional. Also, they have a cooker at every table, so you can make your own meat if needed.
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Ales Vaic
10 noiembrie 2018 15:02

Place run by attentive and enthusiastic owner, lady lived 10 years in Korea and one feels on every step the authenticity of the food served there. Thumbs up! One star less for ventilation, which shall be improved.
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Dragos Stan
9 decembrie 2018 16:45

Nice and friendly staff. Excellent food at reasonable prices, given it's Korean specific that is. Their menu is available online.
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Mihai Radulescu
31 decembrie 2018 11:25

Strange ambiance and location (it's on the 2nd floor of a building), but delicious food. Maybe a bit overpriced
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Ana K
17 noiembrie 2018 11:10

Although the restaurant was empty at lunch time they brought all dishes on the same time the soup togheter with the appetizer and main dishes, some were too hot, others almost cold. Nothing special, bland taste. Fortunately, was not my first experience with korean food.... you have assumed wrongly and I didn't refer to the free appetizers. This is my humble opinion and my intention was not to offend you.
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