Sabatini Domenii

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Strada Alexandru Constantinescu 9, Domenii, București

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Sabatini Domenii nu acceptă rezervări online prin

Reusita noastra este evidentiata cel mai bine prin buna dispozitie resimtita de dumneavoastra.
Sabatini Pizza te asteapta cu o atmosfera calda si placuta oferita atat de decorul din interior cat mai ales de oamenii care iti stau la dispozitie ca sa faca din vizita ta un moment de neuitat.

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Svetlana Cristea
4 aprilie 2019 14:46

The place is nice. There is a terrace which makes it good for a relaxing lunch with work colleagues, or casual evening out with family or friends when it is warm outside. Service wise it's fine, but there is room for improvement. The menu has a fair amount of food options (salads, pasta, pizza, soups) and deserts. Overall, the place it's ok.
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State Stefan-Cosmin
25 aprilie 2019 10:05

Nice experience, the place is nice and cozy. Food is great and the staff is polite.
Good food.
Parking is a bad, you have to make a few passes on the street before finding a place to park, i would recommend a taxi.
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Olga W
19 aprilie 2019 13:33

Amazing food made of fresh Italian ingredients, very helpful and kind staff and a beautiful, warm interior. I’d recommend to everyone! :)
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Stoian Vlad
17 aprilie 2019 11:32

Good food, great atmosphere, decent prices for the area and a very good price/quality ratio.
Very busy during lunch and evening so book in advance!
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Radu P.
28 aprilie 2019 15:45

Great italian food here. Lovely terrace. Very friendly staff
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