Roz Cafe

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Șoseaua Virtuții 2B, Politehnica, București

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Un ambient relaxant şi plăcut. Roz Cafe este locul ideal unde te vei simţi cel mai bine alături de cei dragi.

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Păreri despre "Roz Cafe"

L Laura
8 ianuarie 2018 12:35 Rezervat în data de 7 ianuarie 2018 prin

Mancarea este foarte buna. Am fost dezamagita insa de faptul ca nu mi-au respectat cerinta din rezervare, desi au confirmat ca rezervarea a fost facuta intocmai.

Delia-Micaela Dumitru
11 septembrie 2018 11:56

I give 4 stars for the food, sweets and also for the really beautiful restaurant. It's a cozy place where you can spend an evening, you can enjoy a meal etc. I didn't give 5 stars because the staff were a little bit slow and not that helpful. The food and the drinks arrived really fast, but the girl who served us was not paying attention to the details. She brought us beer and glasses but she just put in front of us the glasses and the bottle and left without even asking if she should pour the drinks or directly to do it.
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Marius-Andrei Florian
2 august 2018 22:15

Great place to go for a coffe talk, hang out with your friends, eat or, why not, dating someone special. The personnel is very polite and your order is delivered quickly. They cook great meals and desserts and the drinks are always fresh and / or well prepared. Giving the quality of services and products, I can say the prices are medium-low. The location is a bit unfortunate though, as it is situated near Lujerului Passage, which is often crowded, but the good music in the restaurant makes you forget the big city's traffic. Great job, guys!
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Ionut Handrau
23 septembrie 2018 19:51

Great food, nice place, great staff. Great dining place.
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Ungureanu Ionut
28 iulie 2018 09:46

lovely atmosphere, I tasted the most interesting "papanasi". a nice place to spend a Sunday evening
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george mihaita
20 septembrie 2018 20:01

Elegant place, bit noisy, bit expensive. Staff ladies bit distracted.
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