Jessie's Caffe

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Drumul Taberei 24, Drumul Taberei, București

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I Ionut
8 februarie 2020 09:54 Rezervat în data de 7 februarie 2020

22 octombrie 2020 22:05

Lovely place, amazing staff. Tottally recommend this place. ❤️
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26 iunie 2020 22:23

Best shisha ! Best pizza in town !
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9 august 2019 09:05

Best coffee in Bucharest. If you are sleepy this is the place to go for an exceptional espresso. I could stay awake until 4 in the morning.
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24 ianuarie 2019 00:41

Decent prices, nice simple decorations. The music could definitely use some improvement, and also a reduction in volume.
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21 noiembrie 2017 09:16

One of the prettiest cafes in the Drumul Taberei neighborhood, located in the Favorit area. Great place for a coffee, superb banana bread, friendly atmosphere. Very tight, so do not expect to sit for hours.
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