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Intrarea Silistraru 14, Militari, București
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Rocka Burgers nu acceptă rezervări online prin
Rocka Burgers vine cu un concept total nou in materie de preparate culinare! Chef Mihai cunoscut ca “Micutu” a revolutionat lumea iubitorilor de burgeri cu niste retete de senzatie. Sosurile, condimentele si atmosfera sunt la ele acasa, mai precis… la Micutu acasa.
De profil american, restaurantul nostru isi propune sa satisfaca cele mai pretentioase gusturi, asa ca venim cu retete originale. Burgerul casei, supa casei, salata casei si desertul casei, au o reteta cu totul aparte si in acelasi timp secreta! Cu o capacitate de 90 de persoane si dotat cu terasa, Rocka Burgers este locul unde poti manca pe saturate.

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Oana Serban
25 mai 2018 19:44

Exquisite burgers, served with the best fries and the most delicious garlic sauce. Lots of choices and combinations. Great smoothies and lemonades. Chill place with a lovely terrace and friendly staff. I should visit the place more often and one should too. I definitely recommend it.
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Alexandru Burcea
19 iulie 2018 17:17

Good burgers with soft warm bun. The Kamikaze one is hot without being overpowering and the side of sauce really mellows the spicyness. I would have preferred it to be even hotter but that's just me. The burgers are kinda expensive but the free beer compensates for that. Overall a great experience.
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Ciprian Firoiu
28 mai 2018 11:52

This not that fancy restaurant serves one of the best burgers I had in Bucharest. Not that expensive, good services and really cozy. All in all in my opinion is a must if you enjoy burgers. Try it! Won't regret it!
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Dragoș Cristache
16 mai 2018 07:36

Great place for hanging out with friends. The atmosphere is cool and if you are hungry don't hesitate to try one (or more) burgers from their menu. I've tried a few and this place doesn't disappoint. The prices are okay, quite affordable.
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Marius Mihai
7 septembrie 2018 21:50

Nice burger selection, abundant sauce collection and a casual free-style atmosphere - this would be the short description of the place.
The burgers are good (the meat itself could use some spices to make it more appealing) but the sauces solve the savour issue.
Overall a pretty good choice for burgers though one can definitely find better.
Later edit: upon second try, the burgers were appealing, somewhat flavoury and overall good. Better experience, still less than great
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