Pizza Colosseum

Calea Victoriei 48-50, Universitate, București
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Suntem mai mult decat o pizzerie autentica, suntem un restaurant de top in centrul Bucurestiului, cu servicii de livrare pizza, gratar, paste, desert, platouri si multe altele.

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10:00 - 00:00


Păreri despre "Pizza Colosseum"

Ceasar C
24 iulie 2019 00:32

We came here for our first meal in Bucharest and it's a big disappointment! Really slow service and after a long wait, we were served with greasy foods. Not well done pork ribs and not tasted as it should be marinated. Really old looking french fries. Staff didn't give any welcome greetings. Definitely not recommending this place! Worse thing happened, flies were flying all the time while dining. One almost get into ear while paying the 'touristy price' of our poorly prepared meals. The staff noticed the incident and got even to smile. Don't get enticed with their colorful umbrellas on the ceiling as decoration.
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Jaydeb Sarkar
26 mai 2019 20:39

Very good restaurant with wide variety of pizza and burger. Fresh food and great drafted beer. Indoor and outdoor seating area and light music. Outdoor is covered by small sized umbrella which seems to be a unique feature of this particular lane. Recommend strongly.
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Bunica lui Damian
2 februarie 2019 18:22

Very cosy place in the middle of the city. It's hidden away between some buildings, which gives it a secluded feeling, that is quite refreshing for such a central location. The interior is dimly lit, which I personally enjoy in a restaurant. The waitress was very helpful and nice, which is also not very common in Bucharest's old town area. The food and drinks are fairly priced (much lower than the expected price point for the location), but they are also really tasty.
A go to place when you want to have a relaxing diner experience in Bucharest's old town. The place was pretty quiet when we came in, even though it was a Saturday, which adds to the relaxation factor. Wish them all the best.
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Testing Micone
8 iunie 2019 23:20


Staff congregate just inside (no greeting) and seem to be more suited to rolling their eyes than pizza dough.

The food was subpar; but this was to be somewhat expected given it's got "tourist trap" written all over it.
This potentially could've been excused as we only wanted a quick sit-down, bite, drink and a photograph.

One begins to wonder if you'll ever leave the place once you pass the 30 minute mark after asking for the bill - twice.
This was made worse as it was coupled with the fact the wait for the food (one solitary Margherita a fairly empty restaurant) took nearly 60 minutes.

Such high potential due to its picturesque backdrop and central location, which is a shame.

Oh, and the table was sticky.
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Mihaela Giurescu
8 martie 2019 08:42

Food is actually unexpectedly great here, I just didn't like the... smell of the place (so just 4 stars from me). It's also quite intimate and the service was excellent.
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