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Pizza Colosseum

Calea Victoriei 48-50, Universitate, București
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Suntem mai mult decat o pizzerie autentica, suntem un restaurant de top in centrul Bucurestiului, cu servicii de livrare pizza, gratar, paste, desert, platouri si multe altele.

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Luni - Duminică
10:00 - 00:00


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2 octombrie 2019 07:07

The food is amazing and the service is fast,polite and helpful. Everything I tasted was carefully prepared and at really good prices.Other than that,the colorful umbrellas over your head make a place you would like to see and take a few pictures too. I would surely visit it again when in Bucharest.
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30 decembrie 2019 22:57

Decent place, good dishes. Carbonara and pizza prosciutto quite good. Low prices with small variety of beers.
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10 octombrie 2019 19:24

This is my first time ever reviewing something but it was so extremely bad that it deserved it :(
It’s a pity because it’s such a cute and cozy place
The wine was so so awful
And like another guy wrote in a review (that we clearly saw too late) you have to really try hard to ruin a vegetarian pizza like that
Could not finish the meals :/
Ah also our waiter tip himself and left
We gave up and left too
hope the kitchen notices the bad reviews and make a change!
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24 iulie 2019 00:32

We came here for our first meal in Bucharest and it's a big disappointment! Really slow service and after a long wait, we were served with greasy foods. Not well done pork ribs and not tasted as it should be marinated. Really old looking french fries. Staff didn't give any welcome greetings. Definitely not recommending this place! Worse thing happened, flies were flying all the time while dining. One almost get into ear while paying the 'touristy price' of our poorly prepared meals. The staff noticed the incident and got even to smile. Don't get enticed with their colorful umbrellas on the ceiling as decoration.
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27 septembrie 2019 23:24

Great pizza. Good salad. The service was great. Our poor waiter was the only one working amd provided great customer service.
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